SAL 46: fans finished!

I had plenty of stitching time on my holiday 🙂

The net result is that amongst other things, I’ve finished the fan border that runs under the letters on my large blue sampler. There was one slight mishap while I worked on my chair in the sun a few metres from the beach. A neighbouring camper came over with his dog to say hello and find out what I was working on. His lovely dog had been rootling in the sand dune behind us, and had a dirty nose, which she stuck in my lap in her friendly way. I now have a decorative muddy smudge on one side of the sampler, which fortunately doesn’t show within the frame of the pattern. The camper was mortified, but I’m not too worried. It’ll wash out when I’ve finished.

Here’s the pre-holiday piece:

And here’s the version with the finished fan border, with dog snot just out of frame on the right…

As always, the others in the group are working on fabulous projects which you can see by clicking on the links below. We’re in different time zones and post at different times on the same day, but if there’s nothing new there the first time you check, it’ll be well worth your while going back for a second look.

ConstanzeDebbieroseChristina, Kathy, Margaret,
Mary Margaret, Timothy

See you next time, on 4th June 🙂

SAL 43: Time for something different

Here we are again, time to show what I’ve been stitching away at.

I took my embroidery away with me when I went on holiday recently, but due to have far too much of a good time, I got none at all done while I was away!  Since my return, I’ve managed to get the right hand border filled in down to the design either side of the Z. After this, there’ll be another decorative band, and then it’s time for the Big Stuff.

Here’s where I was before:

And here’s progress to date:

Do hop on over to everyone else’s posts and see what they’ve been up to; we’re all working on something different, and in different time zones, so if you don’t see anything new, try again later.

ChristinaSusan, Kathy MargaretCindyHelenStephLinda,
Catherine, Wendy

The next SAL post is due on 2 April. See you then 🙂

SAL 42: A line under the alphabet

I got the border under the letters finished!

Here’s where I was last time:


And here’s where I am now 🙂

letters-bottom-borderIt felt good to ‘draw a line’ under the letters, which I found slow going, especially at the end. Now, I can let go and enjoy myself with the borders, blocks and patterns which happen below the line, as it were.

Don’t forget to hop over and inspect progress on all the other SAL projects; links below. We’re all in different time zones, so if there’s nothing up yet, give it a few hours and try again

Catherine, Wendy

See you next time, on 12th March.


SAL 41: almost halfway

It’s that time again.

I’ve managed to keep a bit of momentum going this time, and my progress isn’t too shabby.

Here is where we were last time.


And here we are now.  Not huge progress, but respectable.

sampler-middle-borderDo nip over and see what the others are up to. We’re all working on something different, all at our own speed. And we’re in different time zones, being all over the world, so if you don’t see something new the first time, go back for another look. It’ll be worth your while:

ChristinaSusan, KathyMargaretCindyHelenStephLinda and

Until the next time, on 19th February…

SAL 40: alphabet done!

Yes, I’ve finally had enough time to get all the letters finished.

Christmas gave me the time – and an excuse – to leave the sewing machine switched off, and all of my hand stitching projects got some serious attention.

Here’s where I was last time:


And here’s where I am now. Bit of a change, eh?


In case you’re wondering, this is just halfway through the piece. There’s the border you see started at the bottom left, then another one, and then a row of three large block motifs about the depth of the top three rows of letters, and finally, a narrow border under the whole lot.

As always, you should go and see what the other members of the Stitch Along are up to – it’s all different and all very beautiful, so head over there and be inspired!

ChristinaSusanKathyMargaretCindyHelenSteph, Wendy, who is returning after some time off, and this month, two new members:
Linda and Catherine. Welcome, both of you!

If anyone would like to join in the Stitch Along, click through to Avis’ blog, and leave her a message or an email. She’ll explain how it works and what you need to do. It’s such a great way to progress stalled projects or get the impetus to start something new!

See you next time, on 29 January 🙂

SAL 39: more alphabet

It’s Stitch Along time again!

Here’s where I was last time:


And here’s where I am now:

alphabet-to-tEveryone in the group is working on something beautiful, so it’s worth your while hopping over to take a look. I’m one of the first to post, due to the time zone I live in, so you might want to wait a while till the others get their posts up. This time round, I’ve decided to condense things a bit with the links to the other members. The group is growing, and the list was getting rather long.

ChristinaSusanKathyMargaret, Cindy, Helen, and
Steph – our newest member. Welcome, Steph!

Next SAL is on the 8th of January. See you then.

SAL 25: Big letters

Travelling has meant a whole lot less sewing time this month, but I’ve managed a few stitches in spite of everything!

Here’s where I was last time:

Sampler 7 Feb

And here’s where I am now:

Sampler start of top left

For those of you who have been wondering how much bigger this little sampler is going to get, now you know! That’s the top border… So, still about 25% to go.

As always, it’s worth your while visiting the other SAL stitchers, even if they’re not posting progress today. Don’t forget about the difference in time zones; if you’re seeing me first, you may need to drop in to theirs a bit later to give them a chance to get their posts up.

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