TWX 14: assembly complete

And it’s done.

Why does the wind always start blowing when I want to take a photo of a quilt on the line…? We’ll pretend it’s on purpose, shall we? To make the image more dynamic and give it some movement!

Now all I have to do is cut and sew the binding, and make and attach the label. Another day will see it finished, thank goodness, and I can stop worrying about it, and start working on other things.

The quilt has extracted its customary tribute of blood; I managed to accidentally rip a nice hole in my thumb on a stray pin as I was feeding the quilt through the machine, but I did avoid getting any of it on the quilt in a visible place. It doesn’t mean my DNA isn’t on it, just that you can’t see it!

So, tomorrow I cut and sew on the binding and stitch it down, and make the label, which as usual will be printed on transfer paper and then ironed onto fabric. It will acknowledge all the lovely, kind and generous people who have contributed their time, energy and fabric to this good cause.

Now, where are the Band Aids…?

TWX13: Top third done

What we have here is the final layout.

All the blocks have been trimmed out and are in their final positions. I’ve joined the blocks in the top third of the quilt. Two more thirds to do, then two long, long seams and it’s done. This QAYG process absolutely gets easier the more you do it, especially if you have all your strips ready, cut to size and pressed. Touching wood carefully, I’ve managed to avoid drawing blood even once, and have come up with a couple of minor tricks which helped me keep things neatly lined up.

I’ve decided to bind it with something a bit lighter and bluer than previous choices. I like this greeny-bluey flat colour with the general colour scheme of the quilt, rather than the dark teal shot cotton I’ve used for the last two.

This quilt has to be ready by the end of the third week in April. Ovarian Cancer Australia have a big fundraising month in May, so it needs to be with them by end of April/beginning of May.

Looks like I’m going to make it 🙂

TWX12: nearly there…

One more attempt at the layout, and this time, I’m pretty happy.

I think we’re just about there…

There’s a bit more symmetry, which always makes me happy, it feels more balanced, and I’m not trying to force the blocks to be a colour or intensity they’re not. Everyone’s work is beautiful, and stands on its own merit. Well done, you lot 🙂

I’m just over halfway through the quilting. Three rows done, another row part done, two still to start. That old faithful of mine, wiggly line quilting, is featuring once again. You’ve got to love how very quick it is. Nothing to mark, no panicky FMQ-type changes of direction, just strap on the walking foot and swing yourself some gentle curves down the centre. And echo. And echo again, till you hit the edge. Reverse the piece and repeat to the other edge. Job done. No threads to bury, all the loose ends get trimmed off. Having said that, I have a hankering to do a bit of FMQ stuff at some stage, but not for a donation quilt. Only the Teal Ribbon block will be different; I’ll echo quilt the ribbon shape to make it pop a bit.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts on how best to improve the layout. I took it all on board and tried everything… and then did it my way 😉


TWX11: a better layout, some quilting… and frogs

There, that’s an improvement, isn’t it?

I’m not sure this is the final layout yet, but I’m getting closer. What do you think about swapping the short X in the top row with the beige-background X on the right in Row 4? And the top right-hand dark X with the bottom right hand dark X in the 4th row? I fiddle around, and swap, and stand back and squint, and I still can’t seem to get it laid out to my satisfaction. Plus, even when it looks right on the wall, there’s a glaring issue when I look at the photo. I think those two changes might work, don’t you?

I’ve got the two middle rows of blocks fully quilted and a couple more blocks on top of that. That bit’s going pretty well, and I can get a row quilted before my back starts whingeing at me to stop. I have to listen to my back a bit carefully just now, because of my ‘morning work’, which is shovelling crusher dust for the drive, picking up dead branches and fallen palm fronds, and raking and shovelling mud and rotting vegetation out of the storm drainage ditch down the side of the property. It’s a long, long ditch. It doesn’t take much before there’s a persistent nag from back there…

Finally, it has been a froggy sort of day. This little chap has been occupying my laundry windowsill for most of a day now. There was another one hanging out in the back of the car when we opened the tailgate to stow the tarp after taking a load of green waste to the dump. He made a break for it, but Laundry Frog is quite contented where he is… He’s about 4cm/1½ inches long.

And I just wanted to let you know that that piece of white thread on his leg is on him, not my camera lens!


TWX5: two lovely dark blocks

Two more gorgeous X blocks are on their way.

These are from Robin, who has made a couple of beautiful dark blocks to help form the central X of the TWX quilt. Such lovely rich shades of dark teal… They’re going to look great!

robin-twx-1 robin-twx-2






Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but typing still isn’t much fun. More soon, I promise.. 🙂




Stay+ part 1: top line quilted

Now that the camping trip is fully tidied away and we’ve got our tax return sorted, I’ve been able to start sewing again.

Before I went away, I organised all the blocks for the Ovarian Cancer Stay+ quilt. In a couple of free hours over the last couple of days, I got the top row sandwiched and quilted. I’d have carried on, but I need to cut more batting squares and my worktable was covered with scraps (a story for ScrapHappy day!), so I left it there for now. There are 5 rows of 5 blocks, so I’m thinking I’ll be able to get this done fairly quickly.

stay-line-1-quiltedOriginally, I’d thought of quilting each one with a + sign, but there are blocks where that design simply won’t work, so I’m working on the principle that whatever occurs to me when I start is what the block is getting! The blocks in the 4 corners will probably get + signs, and I think the big dark teal + sign formed by the central horizontal and vertical blocks will get wiggly lines. Apart from that, I will review the size of the block and tailor the quilting to that, since some are the right size and some are a little scant.

And I’m sewing a little slower than usual because I have a sore elbow. Imagine you banged your funny bone, and it carried on hurting and tingling; it’s like that, but my nice doctor says it’ll go away in its own time, once the nerve recovers.

Hope I don’t run out of quilting design ideas before I run out of blocks… 🙂

The Teal Deal: T4T finds a new home

I have good news to share 🙂

Below is a copy of an email I received from Emma at Ovarian Cancer Australia about the Time For Teal quilt. I’ll let her tell the news:


I’m so pleased to have been able to help, and for such a respectable total. And to all of you who contributed and made it possible to create the quilt, a huge thank you, a big hug, and congratulations, at helping to make a difference.

I’ll be making a start on Stay+ soon, which shouldn’t take long, as I have all the blocks ready and the layout sorted. And for anyone who’d like a chance to help out with the one after that, Tealed with a Kiss, what are needed are blocks featuring an X shape, in teal and cream, 12.5 inch square unfinished.

I’m so happy to think that this lovely quilt is now someone’s treasured possession 🙂