TWX 9: dark and gorgeous, and a gift

When we got home yesterday, there was a squishy waiting!

I’d been hoping it would arrive before we left, but the joint actions of France’s La Poste and Australia Post meant I had to wait and see what was coming. Anticipation is supposed to sharpen enjoyment, and in this case my enjoyment was acute! Lynn of Tialys had come up trumps in more ways than one 🙂

miz-lizzie-key-fobFirst there was this completely gorgeous key fob, which you see already adorning Miz Lizzie’s bunch of keys. She’d gone with the camper theme, and I so love that ribbon… The clip that holds it is nice and sturdy too; I think the key bunch is going to get a good workout over the next few years and I’m sure it won’t fall apart.

Then there were these two beauties, ‘dark’ blocks for the TWX quilt, to help form the central dark X of the quilt motif. Don’t you love the bee and dragonfly fabric she’s used on the one on the left? And the postage stamp X on the right has scraps of all kinds of beautiful teal fabrics; I especially love the tiny flashes of red and gold.

lynn3 lynn4






I have a bit of sewing to do before I can clear the design wall and start putting the TWX blocks up, but today’s clear-up day. If the rain ever stops, I’ll be going out to Miz Lizzie to clean, sweep, wash up, strip the bunks, clean the windows and shoo out the ants that have been attracted by the contents of the now empty fridge. Of course, if it carries on raining, some of that will have to wait.

I think the Bureau of Meteorology has soggy news; cleanup will have to be a pleasure deferred…

TWX 8: we’re nearly there

Two more blocks in yesterday, this time from Esther.

esther-twx1 esther-twx2Beautiful fabrics – I’m especially in love with those tiny dragonflies!  This brings us up to 25 blocks in, and only 5 more needed to complete the quilt top. I know Margaret has promised a block or two, but I think after that I need to call a halt till I can get things laid out and see where we are and what we need. So unless you’ve already made and mailed a block, do hold off till I see if there are any gaps left! And if you’ve promised blocks but not yet sent them, don’t worry, there’s no big rush. This quilt doesn’t have to be finished till mid-April…

I’d like to thank all the contributors to Tealed With A Kiss (TWX) so far, many of them serial donors, who have given generously of their time and stash to create a thing of beauty for an excellent cause. They all do beautiful work and make lovely things, so I encourage you to click on their links and take a look.

Ali, Carla, Esther, Gun, Jenny, Kate B, Kathy, Lynn, Margaret,
Robin (who doesn’t have a blog), Sue and Tracy.

Once I get another project down off the design wall, I’ll be putting up the blocks to finalise the layout. More TWX coming soon!


TWX7: Two more…

Gun in Sweden has sent me two more X blocks.

gun-twx-1 gun-twx-2Tealed with a Kiss (TWX) is looking good!  Now that I have the current quilt top down off the design wall, I must lay out the blocks I already have, to see what still needs to be made.  I think I’ll have to make some X blocks with a dark background to strengthen the impression of a big X of darker blocks on a background of lighter X blocks.  I already have some beautiful blocks featuring darker teal fabrics, but I suspect it’ll need the strength of a teal background to achieve more impact.

Another project that needs to wait till I’m back from our trip at the end of the month…

TWX6: ….and four more

More X blocks are on the way!

Here are photos of the four pretty blocks which are in the mail; the first two from Kathy in the US and the second two from Gun in Sweden.

kathy-x-1 kathy-x-2







gun-x-1 gun-x-2







I have to determine how these fit into the overall scheme; two are clearly light, but I have to wait and see if the dark ones are darker than others on their way.

If there are more than I need by the time everyone has sent their contributions in, I’ll save them for a future quilt. We’re getting there, and at this rate it’ll be sooner rather than later 🙂

And if you’d like to contribute but don’t have the time to sew, if you have teal scraps, I’ll take those too!

TWX4: another two!

Well, I didn’t think I’d be posting about TWX again quite so quickly!

Yesterday, Jenny from The Lilac Cat commented to say she’d mailed off two blocks just before Christmas. I didn’t think they’d be anywhere near being delivered yet, what with normal mail taking two weeks from the UK and Christmas on top of that. Yet here they are, and just look how lovely they are!

jenny-scrappy-x-1 jenny-scrappy-x-2






So, that’s two more light blocks to add to the tally. We’re down to needing only 10 more, plus 9 darker ones. Kate from Manic Mumdays has promised one of each, so 9 more light and 8 more darker blocks. If you’re planning on making a block and have a preference, do let me know which you’re going for.

At this rate, I’ll be able to start assembling the quilt a whole lot sooner than I thought….

Stay+: bound and labelled

I got the last joins done after much procrastination…

That last seam was a bit of a pig, but now that it’s finished there’s a big sense of relief.  Here are the front, the back, (which shows off the quilting nicely) and the label. I found a lovely shot cotton for the binding, but I was a tiny bit short, so it’s slightly narrower than usual. I rather like this skinny version! Of course, shot cotton frays like mad, so it’s not really ideal for the purpose, but it was such a lovely green/blue combination that I couldn’t resist.




A huge thank you to all those who contributed, not just blocks but also encouragement and positive feedback. I’ll get Stay+ off to Ovarian Cancer Australia after Christmas when the office re-opens. I’m going to take a tiny break from teal quilts over Christmas, and probably do some hand stitching on my hexie quilt. Stay+ is for a fundraiser in February and the next event isn’t till May, so I can fit a few other projects in before I have to start work on the next OCA quilt.

So, if you’ve offered to make a block or two for TWX (Tealed with a Kiss), the next Ovarian Cancer Australia quilt, it would be great if you could schedule them for January or February, to give me time to make up the numbers and then perform the usual QAYG magic 🙂

Finally, you’ll recall that Lynn of Tialys and I were working together to complete our QAYG quilts by Christmas. There has been a veritable snowstorm of emails back and forth. Well, she’s done it too!  Hop over there and take a look. Lucky Monsieur Tialys is going to score big time this Christmas. If the post isn’t up yet, it soon will be!

Last quilt finish before the New Year, time to slow down and enjoy the festive season!


Stay+: bringing it all together

After my recent QAYG post, it was time to put the process to work.

The Stay+ quilt is 5 blocks across and 5 down, so I divided it into uneven halves:

  • One ‘corner’ of 2 x 2 at top left, one ‘corner’ of 3 x 2 at top right
  • One ‘corner’ of  2 x 3 at bottom left and one ‘corner’ of 3 x 3 at bottom right.

Then I got cracking. I cut a whole bunch (that’s a technical term, if you’re a quilter) of 1 inch strips for the fronts, and 1ž inch strips for the backs. The back strips were pressed in half lengthways. For the purpose of the first half of this assembly, none of the strips required joining, as I’d cut the strips across the width of the fabric, which was sufficiently long. The fabric is 42 inches wide, and I can get three joining sections out of each width for my 12½ inch blocks, or one long joining strip for the 3×2 or 3×3 sections.

If you’re interested in how it all goes together by this Quilt As You Go process, you can find the detail in my earlier tutorial on the subject, here. Since I wrote it, I’ve reduced the width of strip I cut for the back from 2 inches to 1ž inch; I’ve got better at doing it, and I don’t need such a generous overlap on the back to ensure I catch it with my stitching on the front.

Here, you see the two top ‘corners’ completed but not yet joined:


Top left corner


Top right corner

Lynn of Tialys is also working away at her slightly larger quilt, which is 5 x 6 blocks in format. She’s working on other things, and is also a bit unwell, so she’s made great progress considering, don’t you think?

lynn-lhs-sectionsI do love her colour scheme. Her husband is getting this quilt for Christmas, and I think he’s a very lucky bloke…

I’ll have Stay+ assembled in a couple of days if I can keep up the momentum. Then it’s time for the binding, one of my favourite parts!