SAL 48: time on my hands…

I’ve made a good bit of progress this time.

I had to take a few breaks from things like quilting and joining blocks, and the embroidery was the perfect way to do that and get something useful done at the same time.

Here’s where were last time:

And here’s the latest progress.

There’s a mistake in there, but it’s minor and I’m not sufficiently worried about it to do any frogging. I’m simply going to adjust the design slightly to make it look ‘on purpose’ 🙂

As always, the others in the group are working on fabulous projects which you can see by clicking on the links below. We’re in different time zones and post at different times on the same day, but if there’s nothing new there the first time you check, it’ll be well worth your while going back for a second look.

ConstanzeDebbieroseChristina, Kathy, Margaret,
Mary Margaret, Timothy

See you next time, on 16th July.

45 thoughts on “SAL 48: time on my hands…

  1. Cindy says:

    Great progress. Can’t wait to see next month.

  2. anne54 says:

    Beautiful Kate, a lovely balance between complexity and crisp, clean lines.

  3. I don’t see any mistakes. I like this design a great deal.

  4. lucyannluna says:

    I love the motif you’ve finished, it’s great

  5. nanacathy2 says:

    Mistakes are what give a piece character and make it unique. Looking good to me.

  6. tialys says:

    Just zoomed in on the last photo and having a marvel at the amount of stitches involved. Is there a reason you have had to leave the quilting projects aside?

  7. katechiconi says:

    Mostly it was severe grumpiness at yet another set of bloody fingers where I stuck pins in myself while joining big sections of the quilt together. I find the best thing there is just to walk away and calm down, especially where I have long seams to join! Also, there were other calls on my time: household affairs, visiting friends to be entertained, etc.

  8. claire93 says:

    only you know where the mistake was, and you’ll not notice it as the piece grows.

  9. Robin says:

    Beautiful work!

  10. Catherine says:

    This is looking lovely! I’ve tried to spot the mistake, and even after reading the comments can’t see it, only you need to know!

    • katechiconi says:

      That’s good, then! I’m pleased with how it’s coming along, and although I may not have as much time to give it next time, I’ll hope to finish that second block.

  11. rutigt says:

    In Sweden we have a province named Dalarna and they are famous for a lot of hand crafting and one is black stitches, looking just like your latest flower. I like it very much and your embroidery as well!!

  12. kathyreeves says:

    I think these new motifs are my favorite parts so far! I love the crispness of the black and blue together, so striking.

  13. It’s looking fabulous. Are you mixing and matching from different charts to make your own unique sampler of is this all from one design?

  14. magpiesue says:

    Ooo, I love that vase of flowers! It’s so impressive now that we can see the whole image. Can’t wait to see what that’s going to be next to it!

  15. Oh dear, no; no; no; we never make mistakes. We give our piece an individual touch lol. Much more pleasing.

  16. Carole says:

    It’s looking lovely and who cares if there’s a slight difference to the original design. You’ve just ‘improved’ it slightly, that’s all 🙂

  17. craftycreeky says:

    Looks fab, I did a sampler years ago where one bit was a stitch out, for years that was all I saw when I looked at it, even though no one else could see it, but suddenly it all blended in and I just enjoy the sampler now

    • katechiconi says:

      Once I’d made the decision not to frog that bit, I made the decision not to look at it any more. It doesn’t hurt the overall effect and so far no one else has spotted it!

  18. lbick says:

    It looking great!

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