Bee, Myself and I #12

The end of the month has come quickly this time!

hatbox-21 hatbox-22 hatbox-20Of course, February is shorter than all the other months, but even so, I’ve been madly busy. Not too busy to get my lovely hat-boxes done, though… You’ll remember that Lynn from Tialys and I are making hatbox blocks together; I’m doing it so I keep going till I’ve got enough to finish the quilt, and Lynn because she’s started making a wall-hanging for her bedroom, using fabulous Liberty prints.

We worked out that three blocks a month was workable and not too demanding of our time. And once the blocks are made, we can continue to encourage each other through the Quilt As You Go assembly process. I suspect that with 36 blocks rather than 12, I’ll be needing a lot more time and a lot more nagging encouragement… We shall see.

I particularly like the fabrics on the top two boxes. A little bit of hippy-chick fun, and the colours work in really well with the rest of the collection.  If you want a reminder of what all the previous ones look like, take a look at the photo below.


Bee, Myself and I is a forum for ‘selfish sewing’; any stitchery which is purely for pleasure and not for anyone else. The original concept belongs to Carla of Granny Maud’s Girl. To find out more, you can click through on either her blog link, or using the button in the left hand column

And that’s my BM&I post for this month. See you in March 🙂

TWX6: ….and four more

More X blocks are on the way!

Here are photos of the four pretty blocks which are in the mail; the first two from Kathy in the US and the second two from Gun in Sweden.

kathy-x-1 kathy-x-2







gun-x-1 gun-x-2







I have to determine how these fit into the overall scheme; two are clearly light, but I have to wait and see if the dark ones are darker than others on their way.

If there are more than I need by the time everyone has sent their contributions in, I’ll save them for a future quilt. We’re getting there, and at this rate it’ll be sooner rather than later 🙂

And if you’d like to contribute but don’t have the time to sew, if you have teal scraps, I’ll take those too!

TWX5: two lovely dark blocks

Two more gorgeous X blocks are on their way.

These are from Robin, who has made a couple of beautiful dark blocks to help form the central X of the TWX quilt. Such lovely rich shades of dark teal… They’re going to look great!

robin-twx-1 robin-twx-2






Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but typing still isn’t much fun. More soon, I promise.. 🙂




TWX4: another two!

Well, I didn’t think I’d be posting about TWX again quite so quickly!

Yesterday, Jenny from The Lilac Cat commented to say she’d mailed off two blocks just before Christmas. I didn’t think they’d be anywhere near being delivered yet, what with normal mail taking two weeks from the UK and Christmas on top of that. Yet here they are, and just look how lovely they are!

jenny-scrappy-x-1 jenny-scrappy-x-2






So, that’s two more light blocks to add to the tally. We’re down to needing only 10 more, plus 9 darker ones. Kate from Manic Mumdays has promised one of each, so 9 more light and 8 more darker blocks. If you’re planning on making a block and have a preference, do let me know which you’re going for.

At this rate, I’ll be able to start assembling the quilt a whole lot sooner than I thought….

TWX3: A handful of XXXs

I’ve decided to kick off the New Year with some kisses (XXs).

Tealed with a Kiss (TWX) will be the next quilt out of the traps, and I thought I’d show the blocks I have received so far and below them, three I’ve just made, in case any of you who have kindly offered to make a couple want some visual reference.


twx-collage-2The plan is that the 9 darkest blocks will form a large X on the quilt, surrounded by lighter blocks. It’s going to be 5 blocks wide by 6 blocks tall. The bottom row will feature the teal ribbon in the centre of the row, with the two heart blocks either side.  I’ll be needing 6 more dark blocks and 12 more light blocks.

Below is a list of the participants. In black are those who’ve already made and sent their blocks. In red are those who’ve offered but not yet made or sent theirs. If you have a preference for dark or light blocks, tell me, so we don’t end up with too many of either sort. It’s first come, first served, though, so have a look at your teal stash and  try and let me know as soon as you can which you’d like to make. If there’s a shortfall of anything, I’ll make it up, and if any blocks are made which are surplus to requirements, I’ll use them on a later quilt.

Kate Chiconi: light scrappy X, dark wonky X and teal ribbon
Carla Morris: light ‘elephant’ X
Lynn Hutton: dark ‘star’, dark X
Sue Brown: two heart blocks, bowtie X and 4 patch X
Ali Kelly: light small Xs and light wonky X
Jenny Ladbrooke: two light scrappy Xs
Robin Murphy: two dark X blocks
Nanette Gilbert
Kathy Reeves
Kate Bottrell: one dark, one light block
Esther Frenzel
Gun Adrian
Margaret Creek

Right, I think I’ll go and make another light block or two…

Stay+: bound and labelled

I got the last joins done after much procrastination…

That last seam was a bit of a pig, but now that it’s finished there’s a big sense of relief.  Here are the front, the back, (which shows off the quilting nicely) and the label. I found a lovely shot cotton for the binding, but I was a tiny bit short, so it’s slightly narrower than usual. I rather like this skinny version! Of course, shot cotton frays like mad, so it’s not really ideal for the purpose, but it was such a lovely green/blue combination that I couldn’t resist.




A huge thank you to all those who contributed, not just blocks but also encouragement and positive feedback. I’ll get Stay+ off to Ovarian Cancer Australia after Christmas when the office re-opens. I’m going to take a tiny break from teal quilts over Christmas, and probably do some hand stitching on my hexie quilt. Stay+ is for a fundraiser in February and the next event isn’t till May, so I can fit a few other projects in before I have to start work on the next OCA quilt.

So, if you’ve offered to make a block or two for TWX (Tealed with a Kiss), the next Ovarian Cancer Australia quilt, it would be great if you could schedule them for January or February, to give me time to make up the numbers and then perform the usual QAYG magic 🙂

Finally, you’ll recall that Lynn of Tialys and I were working together to complete our QAYG quilts by Christmas. There has been a veritable snowstorm of emails back and forth. Well, she’s done it too!  Hop over there and take a look. Lucky Monsieur Tialys is going to score big time this Christmas. If the post isn’t up yet, it soon will be!

Last quilt finish before the New Year, time to slow down and enjoy the festive season!


Stay+: 3 more seams to go

As well as the top two, I’ve now got the two bottom corners done.

stay-corners-completeNow I just have to join the top two corners together, then the bottom two, and finally, the two completed sides using the only full-length seam. I’ve also managed to buy the fabric I need for the binding, more of the same dark teal shot cotton I used in the centre +.

But I did have one small problem to (ahem) iron out… I have a cordless steam iron. I love it, but it’s not terribly well made or robust. I’m on my third version, the previous two having given up the ghost. There are advantages and disadvantages to cordless. You can take it to the far end of the ironing board (or the other side of the room), and turn it through 360° and there’s no cord to jerk you up short or get tangled. However, it only stays at full heat for about a minute, and then it starts to cool down, so getting a lot of pressing done in one go is tedious: press, press, return to base station, wait, wait, press, press, etc. It takes about 30 seconds to reheat, which isn’t much in the great scheme of things but is just long enough to be annoying. And now, the third cordless iron has definitively announced its retirement. It tripped the household power outlet fuse in the fuse box outside three times in succession, which required restarting all sorts of  electronic gadgetry… again and again. I can take a hint.

So it’s bye-bye cordless iron, hello the old faithful steam iron with a huge water reservoir and a 2.5 metre cord. I’m not too unhappy, it’ll press anything forever without needing to reheat or be refilled constantly. What I’d really love, though, is an Oliso Pro TG16 iron. Ultra smooth, extra thick heat-retaining sole plate, clever ‘foot’ that raises the iron off the ironing surface when not in use and prevents scorching as well as the need to perch the thing on end, lots of steam settings and a 3.7 metre (12 ft) cord with a 360° swivelling attachment to the iron, to name but a few advantages.  But at prices between $170 and $200 in Australia, it’ll have to wait…

So, I reckon Stay+ will be fully assembled by the end of the week, with luck I’ll get it bound over next weekend, and then, as promised, it’ll be done by Christmas!