Scinteallate: what it was all for

The fundraiser was yesterday.

The event was fantastically successful. In the three years the Nude Lunch has been going, the number of attendees has doubled, the sponsors have quadrupled, and the sum raised has gone from $70,000 in 2018 to over $100,000 this year, nearly half as much again.

The proceeds fund a dedicated ovarian cancer palliative care nurse in Mackay, with the balance going to ovarian cancer research.

Those of you who worked on the quilt, who encouraged and offered support, you helped to make that happen. Thank you.

Here’s a link to our local TV news network’s FB page, with their coverage of the event. (It’s on mute, so you need to turn up the sound at bottom right) Sadly, you don’t see the quilt, but it gives you an idea of the scale of the thing. I’ve checked with the Nude Lunch directors, and they’ve told me that the bidding was enthusiastic and the quilt raised $1,230. Again, thank you.

We’ll be doing it again next year. If you’d like to be a part of it, whether again or for the first time, do get in touch. I promise I’ll give us a more reasonable deadline this time!

Well done, you lot. And thank you.




Time for Teal part 11

Opening squishies is such brilliant fun.

When I got home two days ago, there were two envelopes waiting. One from Viv, who has been a presence on this blog for a good while, and who always has something lovely to say about whatever I make. The other one was from Robin, who is new, but who also came to me via Viv. Robin lives in the ACT here in Australia, but is also Viv’s cousin, and because Ovarian Cancer is a cause close to her heart, and because she’s also a quilter, she asked if she could contribute, now and on future quilts. Well, of course the answer was a resounding yes. And I’m very happy to have a new friend to Chiconia as well 🙂

Here are the blocks. First Viv:

Viv dresden 1 Viv dresden 2

And then Robin, who sent me not one but three beautiful Dresden Plate blocks.

Robin dresden 1 Robin dresden 2 Robin dresden 3

Not too many more needed for the border around the ‘tea table’ – I now only have to make 5, and that’ll be done very quickly. I already have quite a few of the blocks I’ll need for the outermost border. We’re doing rather well 😉

It will soon be time for me to go and buy backing and sashing fabric, and start the whole QAYG process.