Time for Teal 21: securing the border

I have quite a lot to show you this time.

Dresden top row on

Top dresden border attached

Dresden bottom row joined

Bottom Dresden border completed, waiting to be attached

I’ve completed the top and bottom rows of dresdens and attached the top one. The assembly process is now well established and it doesn’t take me long to get the blocks ready for quilting and trimming out. Attaching the long rows is very fiddly, especially as I have to change the sashing colour partway along for these rows, but really, compared with quilting a big thing like this it’s a walk in the park.

Top & bottom border layout

Top & bottom outer border layouts

Here are the final selections for the top and bottom outer borders. Once everything was up, I did quite a lot of tinkering, so it’s fairly different from my original take, and may still get tweaked a little more, depending on what comes in soon. My design wall isn’t quite large enough for the whole quilt to be laid out with the outer border blocks at their untrimmed size, so the bottom row is on the floor. Excuse the extraneous stuff in the photo, but I can’t quite get the whole thing into one picture without it!

So now there are only 10 more blocks needed. I know that my friend Nanette has posted me something, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming. After that, I’ll know how many more to make.

But having got the whole thing up and seen how it looks, I have one burning question, and I’d value input on this. Is it getting too big?  Currently the plan is to produce a quilt of finished size H100 x W88 inches (254 x 222 cm), more or less, which is fairly humungous. If you were buying a quilt at a charity auction, would you want one this big, or would you prefer a more lap-size quilt of 75 x 62 inches (190 x 158 cm)? If the latter, then I have to stop very soon! But if you’d love the larger one, I’ll carry on with the outer border. If we go with the smaller one, never fear, I will have absolutely no trouble using all the border blocks everyone has so kindly sent already, since there’s going to be a Teal quilt every year. I’ll be interested to hear what everyone thinks – votes for larger or smaller, please.

Even if you never usually comment, this is one time when I really need to hear what you think, so make an exception and let me know!


39 thoughts on “Time for Teal 21: securing the border

  1. claire93 says:

    I think a huge quilt would be gorgeous on a double bed but . . . two smaller quilts might fetch more in an auction.

    • katechiconi says:

      That was my thought… I’ve also emailed my contact at OCA to ask what she thinks. I’d love the big one myself, but it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, hence canvassing opinion.

  2. tialys says:

    I would say that the big one would be more covetable. Not only because I have a very large bed but also because a large quilt is more spectacular and obviously worth more. I don’t know who would be bidding but, if it were me (and don’t think I’m not tempted 😉 ) I would think I could easily make a lap sized quilt myself but might not always fancy making a large one. I appreciate that the bidders won’t necessary be sewing people themselves so might not appreciate all the work that has gone into it but I think the size gives it the extra ‘wow factor’.
    I’ll be interested to hear what your contact has to say.

    • katechiconi says:

      It will certainly have ‘wow’ at the full size. What I’m not sure about is whether people will be put off by how big/costly it is if they don’t actually want to put it on the bed.

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi, I just signed up for your blog yesterday but will offer an opinion. My guild is also in the process of making a charity quilt. They have in the past before I belonged so some are experienced. 😉 A comment was made at the initial meeting that if everyone, roughly 24, makes a block over the next year we will raffle 2 quilts in different raffles. More profitable to do two and two charities will benifit. Blocks are 15 inches with sashing.

    Beatiful quilt blocks. I love the tea theme!


    • katechiconi says:

      Welcome to Chiconia!
      All my charity quilts will be going to Ovarian Cancer Australia, so there’s no question of splitting the benefit. I suppose the question is, would YOU buy the big one, or would you prefer the smaller one for cost or practicality reasons.
      I’m so glad you like the quilt 🙂

      • Sandy says:

        I think smaller will attract more people. Much more versatile so should attract more attention. I would separate my raffles by a few months and suspect you will make far more overall.

      • katechiconi says:

        The smaller one is potentially more versatile, I agree. The responses so far have been fairly evenly balanced, so I shall leave it up to the OCA lady, unless she leaves it up to me!

  4. Jill says:

    I think that a lap size quilt would have more general appeal. A very large quilt may not suit so many people.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s definitely an issue, which is why I’ve raised the question. I’ll tally up the responses and also take Ovarian Cancer’s advice on the matter before I decide.

  5. Robin Murphy says:

    I love the large one also, but I know the smaller size would be easier to hang somewhere if the bidder was thinking more along the “art work” track. It will be interesting to see what the contact at OCA has to say. To be able to wrap oneself in that large quilt would be very comforting.

    • katechiconi says:

      This is exactly my dilemma. I looked at it, full size, hanging on my design wall, and thought “Holy Cow, it’s heeeuge”. But big is better for snuggling… and beds.

  6. Grannymar says:

    Kate, I know all the work you have and are putting into this quilt and it is absolutely fabulous. For some reason in my head the word ‘quilt’ automatically goes with ‘bed’ and wintertime. Since the quilt will be auctioned in Australia, I am wondering if the winter season is long or cold enough to warrant a quilt for full time use on a bed? Some people like a quilt to be decorative and used as a wall hanging. Would the latter actually raise more money? I can see it on a wall where friends gather for afternoon tea…

    Your lap-size quilt measurement is similar to a single bed duvet cover: I just measured one of mine and it is 194 x 130 cm.

    I also hope your work is not referred to as ‘Needlework’ but rather ‘Needle Art’ That way it always commands a greater price and your work, from what I have seen here, fits neatly in that bracket.

  7. katechiconi says:

    It’s funny you should say that… In the summer here, a quilt and a sheet would be quite enough in the summer, but in the winter you’d add a doona (duvet) underneath the quilt. We shall see what OCA say; either it will be positioned as a bed quilt at the full size, or as a lap quilt or wall hanging at the smaller size.

  8. kathyreeves says:

    While I think bed size is great, and I Love the quilt, my hubby would not be as keen on the pattern, so he would not really want it on our bed! My hubby is a bit of an art person, so that may explain his having an opinion, but that would have me leaning more toward two smaller ones. The large quilt is stunning, but it may be considered an investment by some, and if they don’t love the theme, they won’t bid. Now if this will be at a major event where money flows as freely as the champagne, it doesn’t matter!

    • katechiconi says:

      I think perhaps your last point is what’s worrying me; at full size the quilt is a generous queen size, and may be perceived as too expensive if it’s realistically priced. A size that can either hang on the wall or be thrown over one’s legs may attract a wider potential buying audience.

      • kathyreeves says:

        Hopefully OCA can tell you about the audience that will be buying, and maybe what the top priced items have been and amounts previously?

      • katechiconi says:

        I don’t think they’ve had a quilt to auction before, so it’s undiscovered territory for them too, but I’m starting to strongly incline towards two smaller quilts, one for September and another for later…

      • kathyreeves says:

        I think that will be your best bet. If the smaller size is popular, you’ll hear if people were asking about a bed sized one. It’s always good to leave them wishing for more. 🙂

  9. Thimberlina says:

    Wow-wee, it is going to be a big one! Unfortunately hand crafted goods don’t fetch any where near what they should in normal sales, but as this is for charity it should, so either size should appeal. I think the biggest size would make it more of a talking point, and bring more awareness of the charity which can only be a good thing. Good luck with your decision, whichever you decide everyone will support you 😃

    • katechiconi says:

      It has ended up a row longer than I originally planned, simply because I had so many tea-themed blocks donated. I have asked OCA if they have an opinion on the size, but I’m increasingly inclined to go for the smaller size, simply because I think more people would bid for it.

  10. Kathy D says:

    That is soooo pretty! Wonderful job Kate! It is much bigger than I pictured in my mind while reading all the posts on it. I would love it either way. The smaller size would be great for cozying up in on the sofa while the larger would look gorgeous on a bed. Like Kathy Reeves said if the money flows, then I would go with the larger one. Good luck with your decision.

    • katechiconi says:

      I don’t know how the quilt will be auctioned, whether online bidding or at a fundraising event. If the former, the smaller size would be better, if the latter, the large quilt would have a lot of impact. Oh, the decisions…

  11. norma says:

    It’s gorgeous! I would prefer the lap quilt size.

  12. manicmumdays says:

    I would prefer a larger quilt 🙂
    This looks gorgeous Kate!!!

    • katechiconi says:

      The larger one is gorgeously lavish and generously sized. It’s all going to depend on what they’re looking for: a bed quilt or a comfort/display quilt. I could, with just a very little more work, have one complete quilt Time for Teal quilt in the next week or so, and one scrappy/sampler quilt ready soon after…

  13. I missed this post when you put it up. Truly spectacular. I think you should take your cue from the charity for size. Around here, unfortunately, bed quilts are not good fund raisers. But the experience may be different in your area.

    • katechiconi says:

      I think there’s still a greater degree of novelty about quilts as fundraisers here in Australia, but I’m beginning to see a preference for the smaller size emerging from the comments in any case. The larger version would certainly have lots of impact, but may attract less bidding simply because of its size. The smaller one also means I can complete a second smaller quilt for them quite easily and quickly, ready for the next fundraising event.

  14. nettyg says:

    Hi Kate, how wonderful to have such a dilemma 🙂 I love the big idea, but don’t think I’d bid for it, as I have only a double bed and it would be too huge, and too big to hang as art. I think a lap quilt is a good option and will appeal to more bidders……people might think ‘ oh great aunt Penelope in the nursing home would love that quilt, but it’s too big for her, shame it’s not smaller’ and so not bid. Someone mentioned 2 lap sizes, I like that idea, would you have enough blocks to make two….I guess one would be without the tea party centre, but some might prefer that, something “plainer” . I sent 4 blocks and they should be with you this morning, my tracker says they arrived in your town last night. If you have time and inclination to turn the one big one into two for this fundraiser, I’ll make some more blocks if you need them.

    • katechiconi says:

      How funny! I’ve just written you an email to thank you for your additional blocks, which arrived this morning, and to ask your opinion on this very subject. I’m becoming more and more inclined to make two, always depending on what OCA would prefer, but hopefully they’ll also take note of what people are saying here in terms of marketability of such a large quilt. I’d have about 2/3 of the blocks I’d need to make another lap size, and I’m considering a medallion centre to arrange them around to make things go a bit faster…

      • nettyg says:

        Ha ha…..wavelengths:) So are you planning to do the 2nd medallion for this go – round, or will you save it for next year? I’ll start on a few if you decide to do it for this time.

      • katechiconi says:

        As I have a whole load of border blocks already, I’ll probably start sandwiching and quilting those, while I think what to do in the middle. I’ll finish T4T and send it off for end of August, and then make the other one as time allows, rather than giving myself a deadline. They have other events in February and May, so there’s time in hand. If you’d like to make some more blocks, that would be lovely, but ideally, could you make some more of the tic-tac-toe ones or variants on that theme, as the next ‘themed’ teal quilt is going to be Tealed with a Kiss, and I’m looking for X blocks?

  15. nettyg says:

    PS forgot to say…it looks beautiful, well done!

  16. anne54 says:

    I am glad that you have to make the decision, Kate, as I am finding it impossible to make up my mind! I think I would like a big one for my bed (and yes, those of us in the chillier parts of Australia appreciate extra layers on our beds!) but two smaller ones could be more saleable. I liked Nettyg’s thoughts about Great Aunt Penelope, and maybe a smaller size could be put on the end of the bed. Another use for it is on a single bed. So maybe there are more reasons a buyer may choose the smaller one. It is going to be stunning, whether one or two. 🙂

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s now already two, new post to follow! The new size would make a nice ‘topper’ for a regular double bed, just sitting on top of the doona to add an extra layer of warmth. But the difference in perceived value between a large but costlier quilt and a smaller but more affordable one will, I think, make the decision for most potential bidders.

  17. rutigt says:

    Well, I guess you have already decide which size you´ll have. I would have voted for the lap sized, cause I think it´s more usable! Now I´m jumping over to your next post 🙂

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