A sneaky Teal

A while ago, I volunteered to test a pattern for Teresa of Sewn Up – TeresaDownUnder.

It was a new design called Win My Heart, a lovely pieced designs with hearts and triangles. I made one change to the pattern, which was adding that strip of floral down the centre to make the quilt just a little wider. I’ve been working on it in the background to everything over the past few months, and I’ve finally finished quilting it. I’m going to donate it to Ovarian Cancer Australia because, of course, I managed to get teal into the name and the fabrics I chose. As well as the teal hearts on the front and the gorgeous teal, pink, peach and yellow floral pattern, it has a pale pink backing and a binding in mostly brighter pink. Despite all that, it’s not too terribly girly.

This is Gonna Teal Your Heart Away.  I made some errors in my fabric choices and when I was assembling and quilting it, so it’s not by any means perfect (or even completely straight!), and doesn’t really do justice to the beauty and clarity of the pattern, but Ovarian Cancer Australia say they’ll be delighted to have it anyway, either as a gift to someone in need, or as a comforting snuggle quilt for someone hearing bad news in their counselling centre.

As always, the label on the back gives credit where it’s due: in this case, to Teresa as the designer as well as me as the stitcher. It also pays tribute to all those women past and present who have suffered from Ovarian Cancer, and by their suffering have contributed to improvements in knowledge and treatment of this silent killer.

Do go and take a look at Teresa’s pattern, which shows not only her quilt but examples of those made by her pattern testers. It’s a beautiful and versatile pattern, and I’m glad and privileged to have been part of the process, especially as it’s made such a pretty quilt for OCA.

That’s it teal-wise for a while. My airmail fabric for ST&D has arrived, but I have an appointment to quilt Sea Glass for my SIL before I touch any of that 🙂


30 thoughts on “A sneaky Teal

  1. Robin Murphy says:

    Lovely quilt Kate. I love Theresa’s patterns..they are great to put together. Enjoy the quilting on sea glass, I am sure it will be stunning.

    • katechiconi says:

      My problem with this pattern is that the floral was more loosely woven and stretched loads so the blocks all ended up slightly distorted. I was so careful, but the fabric fought back… 😦
      Sea Glass will be a mix of hand quilting in the centre and machine quilting round the outside, something nice and simple.

  2. TeresaDownUnder says:

    Hi Kate, you were able to save the quilt. I’m so happy! It looks beautiful. And the middle strip works really well. Who would have known the floral fabric would stretch so much. Otherwise it’s a beautiful fabric. I’ll share your post in my FB page and blog.

    • katechiconi says:

      It was beautiful fabric, but a much looser weave than the teal or cream, and I should have considered it at the start 😦 But it has turned into a lovely quilt and will be going to a very good home. Thank you for sharing the post!

  3. […] with her “Gonna Teal Your Heart Away” quilt which uses teal as the base colour, the colour of the OCA. Kate will donate the quilt […]

  4. It’s lovely, Kate. You’re so generous with your time.

  5. kathyreeves says:

    It turned out great, and I know that it will bring someone comfort in the months ahead. Thank you Kate, for leading by example in helping others with your craftiness!

    • katechiconi says:

      I make quilts because I feel compelled to, and rather than let them pile up in a cupboard, isn’t it so much nicer to send them out into the world, into good homes where they are needed and appreciated… I’m by no means the most prolific maker of donation quilts I know (for that you need to look at https://wombatquilts.com), but I do like to do my bit.

  6. tialys says:

    I’m seeing teal in my dreams 😉
    I hope, one day, to be able to send a full quilt off to somebody I don’t know in the spirit that you and many others do so generously. My problem is I only get a maximum of three quilts made in a year so haven’t run out of friends and family to make them for yet plus I know I would find a complete quilt hard to part with but I will try one of these days. For now, I will content myself with making one or two blocks every now and again which are collected and joined together by somebody else and consider myself a Quilt Donator in Training.

    • katechiconi says:

      I don’t think you need to feel you have to make a whole quilt. Making blocks to contribute is an important and necessary part of the construction of a donation quilt, and you’ve been very generous with your time and fabric stash! I think a more appropriate title would be Vital Donation Quilt Contributor… I have quilts promised to various people, and they’ll happen in time, but if I see a real need and purpose to making a quilt, it makes it much more satisfying.

  7. craftycreeky says:

    It’s a lovely quilt, I’m sure it will bring comfort to someone at a difficult time in their life.

  8. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Another beauty for someone who could use a bit of happiness, I’m sure someone will be over the moon with this !!!!!

  9. lucyannluna says:

    Looks fantastic

  10. Fabulous quilt for an awesome cause!

  11. anne54 says:

    It’s quite a different design for you, with the pattern running down the centre. I really like it, and, as you said, could suit a wide variety of situations.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s not a design I would have come up with myself, but I thought it very pretty, and well suited to a donation quilt, bearing in mind the name popped into my head as soon as I saw it!

  12. rutigt says:

    Love the pattern and I guess it will be a comfort for anyone who gets it!

  13. oh, that is gorgeous. It’s stolen my heart 😉 Thank you for making the time to send me the link. x
    PS – Sewing box!

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