Ovarian Cancer: CYTL ready to assemble

It’s quilted and trimmed out.

I’ve done my usual wavy lines, using a warm medium grey which recedes on both dark and light backgrounds.  All the blocks are trimmed out to exactly the same size, which is important to keep the assembly process as simple and pain-free as possible.

I’ve cut the sashing, with a dark blotched batik for the front in deep blue-green, and a brighter, more turquoise spotty pattern for the back, which will be fun against the pale grey, silver and white of the stork-print backing.

Tomorrow, I can start the assembly. I haven’t decided yet which fabric I’ll use to bind the finished quilt; it’s going to depend on how different it looks with the sashing.

Time to wind a whole load more bobbins!


24 thoughts on “Ovarian Cancer: CYTL ready to assemble

  1. tialys says:

    Looking gorgeous Kate.

  2. It’s already stunning with the contributions of such talented quilters far and wide. The rest will be icing on the cake. I’m excited to see how it plays out. Wish I could enter the raffle for this one. I’m loving everything about it.

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Looking just wonderful .

  4. Cloth – individual pieces both flexible and singly beautiful…
    Each block – through hands and hearts and love – a separate lovely, loving complexity…
    Placed, quilted, trimmed, facing the future bound together in hope, compassion, understanding…
    A quilt of deep warm love.

    Thank you for inviting us to join you in watching it come together – it has been a gift.

  5. That is just beautiful!! I’m love that it is an ovarian cancer fundraiser. My mom died from that cancer, and I often think about the irony of the color teal being associated with both scleroderma and ovarian cancer. Teal hearts. I love it!

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s a colour I love and a cause I’m delighted to support. I’m so sorry you lost your mother; I lost my own to cancer and it’s hard; my condolences.

  6. Sharon says:

    WOW – this turned out so gorgeous! It’s amazing how it all fits together so beautifully.

    • katechiconi says:

      I never ceases to amaze me how well such varied blocks and variants of the colour can blend and live side by side harmoniously. This one is a very happy quilt, and I think the heart theme has been very successful.

  7. Beautiful 😍… not long to see the finished product ❤️

  8. Wow! You are so talented.

  9. kymlucas says:

    Once again, the team you’ve assembled has done a brilliant job. ❤

  10. rutigt says:

    So beautiful!

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