ST&D: a first

Hello again, with the latest report from Signed, Tealed & Delivered.

This beautiful block arrived today from the lovely Sandra in the UK. She’s created a postcard block with the view from an old family home of hers, showing one of England’s many White Horses. These White Horse images are vast, carved out of the thin turf covering chalk downland, and some of them are very ancient indeed. This is Sandra’s first ever appliqué quilt block, and I’d like to congratulate her on the imaginative image and the beautifully neat job she’s made of it. I must also draw your attention to the background fabric, which she decorated herself; it’s not, as most would imagine, a patterned fabric.

I’ll definitely be calling on Sandra again next time we have an OCA quilt in the pipeline 🙂

She also sent me some gifts, and these are also her work: the notecards are either her photo, or photos of images she’s created from natural and found objects. I love the pole dancer myself – I think she’s probably called Shelley, don’t you? And that Jaffa Cake keyring is a cute reminder of one of my most favourite bickies from the UK. You can’t get them fresh here; they import them but they’re horribly stale by the time they reach the specialist shops that stock them. Thank you, Sandra, they’re all lovely, and just in time for Christmas!

So, we’re just short of 4 blocks. Everyone has been exceptionally helpful about getting their work to me promptly, and I expect the final ones to come arrive in January or perhaps the end of this month. And then, ladies and gentlemen, it will be time to start arranging, sandwiching and quilting!

Meanwhile, it’s 32°C/90°F, humidity’s at 75%, and it’s time for a cold drink and a sit down!

44 thoughts on “ST&D: a first

  1. Please confirm you have aircon? And one of those little fans with a bottle of water attached that you can wear round your head for when you have to go outside? (like a braai (barbecue) light?)

  2. I LOVE it!! What a fun block and fun gifts❤️. This is going to be so fun to see all together!

    • katechiconi says:

      This block is going to work so well balancing the other one with a darker background, Tialys’ Parisian postcard. I’ll get them all back up on the design wall soon, but I have some work still to do on Bonnard before I can do that…

  3. I’m just blown away by what Sandra created. She’s one of the few bloggers that I’ve met in person and she’s a lovely lady as well as being an amazingly talented artist… that fabric!

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    It;s simply stunning, I am in total awe.

  5. It is so completely thrilling to know the parcel arrived safely and to see your photos from the other side of the world. You do such an amazing job bringing us all together in this meaningful project – I am excited to see your progress once you have all the blocks together. I was very nervous about contributing a block as the standard is so high but I am honoured to be taking part and if circumstances allow I will be delighted to be part of the next one.

  6. […] It has arrived!!! 17.Dec.17. I’m thrilled to see the package arrived […]

  7. lucyannluna says:

    Lovely block it should look fantastic

  8. Wonderful! Have a lovely Christmas week darling!

  9. I am so inspired by this beautiful work!

  10. Lynda says:

    What a creative mind Sandra has! I loved her block and her photographed assemblages are so creative and fun.

    • katechiconi says:

      She really does. I do also envy her crochet skill. It’s something I’d like to learn but I know that my lame brain won’t co-operate with anything that needs to follow a written pattern… 😦

      • Lynda says:

        I don’t normally have too much problem following a pattern, but crochet’s code is another language entirely! I feel your confusion with it. 😀

      • katechiconi says:

        Since chemo, any kind of coded pattern/ directions are almost impossible. Written out in clear, no problem. Who knows why?

  11. tialys says:

    A lovely squishy to receive. I see you even tried taking a bite out of the Jaffa cake 😉

    • katechiconi says:

      I managed to resist the temptation, but it did bring back the taste, to the point where I actually started drooling slightly. And that’s quite enough information, I feel!

  12. rutigt says:

    The postcard is a beauty and will do great in the quilt! The other postcards……they are both funny and great!!!!

  13. magpiesue says:

    This is going to be one special, truly unique quit! Hopefully it will bring in the big bucks that it will be worth with all this original artwork in it!

  14. What a treasure trove of goodness! That seashell poll dancer is a hoot. Thanks for sharing.

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