TWX10: the last 2 blocks and a first layout

Postal delivery has resumed at last…

Today, I got a squishy envelope containing two beeeyootiful blocks for TWX!  The lovely Margaret of The Crafty Creek had sent me the last two blocks I need in order to complete the layout.  Aren’t they fab?

With these in hand, I was able to get the layout started. Here’s where I got to – I’m not sure this is the final thing, but it gives you an idea.

The bottom row contains hearts and the Ovarian Cancer teal ribbon, as with previous quilts. For the rest, I’ve tried to arrange the blocks into light and dark to create the impression of a secondary large darker X. I’m not sure I’ve cracked it yet, but it’s a beginning. If anyone wants to suggest some transpositions to improve the visibility of the big X, all suggestions will be considered; I’m all X’d out right now! I’ve made a start with the quilting, and 5 of these blocks already have my default wiggly line quilting on them. It’s easy, effective and quick, so why reinvent the wheel?

And another word about Margaret. She’s been following my adventures with Miz Lizzie the caravan, and the dear, kind thing has made a gift for me which you can read about here. I didn’t realise it was for me until right at the end of the post, and while I was reading, I was thinking “ooh, that’s lovely, I must make one myself”. Now that’s a parcel I’m looking forward to!

Hopefully the next time I post about TWX, a lot more quilting will have been done.


TWX3: A handful of XXXs

I’ve decided to kick off the New Year with some kisses (XXs).

Tealed with a Kiss (TWX) will be the next quilt out of the traps, and I thought I’d show the blocks I have received so far and below them, three I’ve just made, in case any of you who have kindly offered to make a couple want some visual reference.


twx-collage-2The plan is that the 9 darkest blocks will form a large X on the quilt, surrounded by lighter blocks. It’s going to be 5 blocks wide by 6 blocks tall. The bottom row will feature the teal ribbon in the centre of the row, with the two heart blocks either side.  I’ll be needing 6 more dark blocks and 12 more light blocks.

Below is a list of the participants. In black are those who’ve already made and sent their blocks. In red are those who’ve offered but not yet made or sent theirs. If you have a preference for dark or light blocks, tell me, so we don’t end up with too many of either sort. It’s first come, first served, though, so have a look at your teal stash and  try and let me know as soon as you can which you’d like to make. If there’s a shortfall of anything, I’ll make it up, and if any blocks are made which are surplus to requirements, I’ll use them on a later quilt.

Kate Chiconi: light scrappy X, dark wonky X and teal ribbon
Carla Morris: light ‘elephant’ X
Lynn Hutton: dark ‘star’, dark X
Sue Brown: two heart blocks, bowtie X and 4 patch X
Ali Kelly: light small Xs and light wonky X
Jenny Ladbrooke: two light scrappy Xs
Robin Murphy: two dark X blocks
Nanette Gilbert
Kathy Reeves
Kate Bottrell: one dark, one light block
Esther Frenzel
Gun Adrian
Margaret Creek

Right, I think I’ll go and make another light block or two…