I’m still feeling a bit breathless.

I’ve been quilting for many years. About 18 years ago, when I was still a well-paid executive, I bought myself a good sewing machine. My Janome DC3018 is still going strong and Ariadne, as she’s called, is a faithful friend. However, she has two design issues which matter to a quilter. The throat/harp space is only average-sized, and she does not have adjustable pressure to the presser foot. The first means that getting a large amount of quilt under the machine is hard and demanding on the back and shoulders. The second means that the machine uses the same pressure to feed fabric through the machine, whether it’s a triple layer of denim or a single layer of chiffon. Not ideal.

Yesterday, I went to Spotlight for some thread and other small bits and pieces. I was wandering back down the aisle towards checkout, when I saw this.

Say what??!! $400 off?

I read the box. Yes, it has adjustable presser-foot pressure. And you can see for yourself how wide the throat is. I took a photo. I thought about it a lot.

This morning I told the Husband about it. 5 minutes later, I was ordering it online to Click & Collect in the next 24 hours. Have I mentioned recently that I love my Husband A LOT? A machine that originally cost $1000 is now mine for $600. His view was that it was the cost of a new set of tyres, which would wear out and be gone. Anything that made things easier for me to sew was a Good Idea.

This machine will hopefully last me the rest of my quilting life. In addition to the two obvious benefits, it has a bunch of other features and accessories.

I’ve also come up with a name for the new girl. She’s going to be called Aretha. Why, you ask? She’s one helluva girl and she has a BIG throat on her, of course! Also, what I want? Baby, she got it! One thought strikes me, though. I’d better get my sewing room straightened out pronto and the work tables cleared and tidied in preparation for her arrival.

This baby is going to need a lot more room than Ariadne.