Verité #3

Last one, I think.

I felt that a quieter block was also needed, and that I already had sufficient hot bright colours. This pale green, white and grey with just a bit of orange and blue seemed to fit the bill, and incidentally, the colours all came from scraps. I don’t know the ‘proper’ name for the block, as I drew it up from something I saw somewhere a while ago. If anyone knows, do let me know.

That’s six blocks for my F2F collection, and if they don’t provide enough direction for what I’m hoping for from the other F2F participants, I don’t know what will!

I’ll be putting all of them up in the gallery now. Today has been a bit trying and I’m going to give myself a day off sewing tomorrow. Time to have a mental health day, give the dog a long walk, read a new book, eat some more chocolate and encourage the hours to pass a little faster than they have just recently.

What do you to do make time pass quickly?

Verité #2

And here’s the next one.

This is the Arkansas Traveller block. I made the diamond centres first, and then used them as a single piece when I paper pieced the rest. I love how it turned out 🙂

Don’t you love how it looks like juicy orange segments? I think there may be one more, and then I’ll stop till it’s finally time for the whole F2F group to send out their blocks. Verité will sleep peacefully till then…

Meanwhile, I have other things on my mind. And chocolate to eat.

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s gadolinium injection and MRI 😦


I have a name now for this quilt-to-be.

“Le gris est la couleur de la Vérité(Grey is the colour of Truth): Andre Gide

For me, it’s also the colour of order, good sense and moderation. It complements and controls all that lavish colour. There’s a lot of grey in the world, but thankfully for those of us addicted to colour, there’s also a lot of that. Both are necessary, just as sadness is necessary to show what joy looks like.

Today’s block is Circle of Geese, but I have turned it into a spinning windmill by using a different shade of grey in the centre. It’s one of my very favourite blocks, and is a perfect example of why I love foundation paper piecing!

Tomorrow, I hope to have my Arkansas Traveller block ready.