VanEssa’s new clothes: a shopping list

Well, she’s ours.

At present, VanEssa is sitting in Mitch’s yard, waiting for the right connectors to be fitted on our vehicle so we can tow her home. I managed a few brief measurements on handover day before I had to head out again, enough to establish that a) the bunks are both as long as the Husband’s current accommodations; and b) there is space under the table for His Majesty’s dog bed. Both important, I think you’ll agree. She’s going to need the following:

  • New sheets for my bunk, unless I can cobble in a section to make the existing much shorter sheets fit. I think I may have enough sheeting left to do that…
  • A new quilt for the Husband’s bunk. I’m going to nab Anemone for mine! Both current quilts will become multipurpose spares. Retired from active service, but still handsome and very useful.
  • A rug/mat or two for the floor, some just for comfort, others to slurp up paw prints, sand, water, etc. Some of the existing ones will work, but more are needed because bigger caravan.
  • A padded headboard/back rest for each bunk. Colourful scrappiness for these, definitely!
  • A pair of curtains to pull across between the sleeping and living sections. These are not strictly necessary, but may be helpful if one of us wants to sleep while the other watches a movie, for example (and before you ask, headphones). I had a lot of fun looking at fabrics in Spotlight the other day, as I don’t think these are going to be scrappy. Life is too short, there are some really beautiful prints, and we have trips planned already… Lots of colourful gorgeousness there, so hard to pick just one!

I do think everything needs a bit lot of colour. There isn’t any. Not anywhere. It’s all black and white, which is nice and fresh, but does not please my eye. It’s not alive, or friendly, or vivid.

We also need places to put things around our beds, so I’ll be looking for stick-on shelves, pockets, racks, hooks, etc.

And I’ve carried on making storage baskets for our clothes lockers. Four sizes now: s/m/l/xl.  I’ll show those another time.

Tomorrow, Miz Lizzie makes her final journey with us. Sad, but it’s time.