Bench mat #1

Remember I talked about this a while back?

Something scrappy to make an imperceptible dent in my scrap collection. The back is made from offcuts of the Days Gone By Quilt backing, as is the batting layer and the last scraps of binding.

It’s to protect the butcher block benchtop in the kitchen when I’m prepping the Husband’s lunch and snack kit for work. A steel Thermos of boiling water; two Thermos travel mugs of freshly-brewed hot coffee; one Thermos travel mug of hot home-made soup; fruit, cheese and nut mix. (And before you marvel at the quantity, he starts work at 4.30am and gets home at sometime after 5pm, with a mid-morning sandwich delivery to his truck door as it passes by the end of our road, and while I’m walking doggo.) It has finished at 26 x 17 inches (66 x 43cm). which is a good generous size.

So, this is the first – and larger – one, for when it’s all made and is sitting waiting on bench 2 to get packed into his snack bag, together with three water bottles. There’s a second, smaller mat in progress for bench 1, where I’m assembling everything in a slightly tighter space due to kettle, coffee machine, etc. Getting this lot assembled while I’m barely awake and in a short time requires consistency, method and a lack of interruptions and surprises. Doggo knows this and stays snoring on his bed. Husband knows this and concentrates on drinking his coffee and eating his breakfast. Interruptions or changes to the routine turn it from a tightly choreographed dance to a severe case of flapdoodle.

Up to now, I’ve used tea towels, but I want more padding and something the right size.

Hence another pair of scrap-gobblers. Mat #2 coming soon…