They’ve done it again

I am serious cheesed off.

I have somehow managed to get back to the Classic Block Editor after waking up to another “Surprise!” overnight change to WordPress and how my blog presents to me, its user.. Don’t ask me how I did it; I was convinced I would have to change to a paying site and install the plug-in that lets you use Classic. And I’ll probably finish and publish this post to discover that it’s all disappeared again!

In case you’re interested, here’s a screen shot of something I found, which I did. At first it didn’t seem to have done anything, but after that I clicked out of WP and then back in shortly after, and here was Classic Editor again. I dunno… Maybe it worked, and maybe this is just temporary. Hope it works long term, for me and for you! If not, I will have to learn how to use the Block Editor, and new posts are going to clunky and considerably further apart. Apologies in advance…**

Now, I do appreciate that many, if not most, WordPress users have monetised blogs or use them as selling tools. They’re interested in all that stuff that the new Block Editor offers, the ‘fresh, new, dynamic reader experience’, the analytics, blah blah. Me? I enjoy the wavy line of my statistics, the occasional surprise of discovering that someone in the UK has apparently taken to binge-reading my old posts or surprise that another reader in Uzbekistan has found 5 things to interest them. For the rest, I enjoy showing what I’ve made with a few pictures and a lot of words, having nice cosy chats with reader-friends, and the occasional rant at the state of the world. So I’m not happy when my security blankie is pulled for reasons I find irrelevant, without notice and with an ever-so-faintly patronising tone to the explanation I eventually dig up.

Initially, they left us the Classic Editor option within WP Admin for post-writing that looked and felt as we expected and with which we were reasonably competent. They’ve taken that away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally change-averse, and I like the way the new front end looks, with the dashboard down the side of the My Site/ Reader page. It’s just the whole “we’re doing this for your own good” tone of the explanations – when you can find them…

I know I should probably buckle down and learn to use the Block Editor. I know that WP is not run for my benefit and others like me. I know that Happiness Engineers are there for the paying customers and not to deal with a not-especially tech-savvy 60 year old quilter who is putting off getting a paid plan as long as feasibly possible. But dammit, why can’t they leave us oldies with the simple, clunky, un-slick, un-dynamic, amateurish system we’ve had since they first introduced the Block Editor so many of us hate in 2018?

Seriously, WordPress, does it stuff up your business plan so radically to leave that little Classic dropdown button there for us?

PS: I promise the next post will be less ranty, and if less aesthetic in layout, it will also be of something a bit prettier, too.

** Edit: Some people have said they can’t find this button. To clarify: it’s within your personal WP account settings. You need to click on the little round avatar photo that’s at top right of the WP screen (next to the Notifications bell). Account Settings is listed on the left, under your photo.