TWX5: two lovely dark blocks

Two more gorgeous X blocks are on their way.

These are from Robin, who has made a couple of beautiful dark blocks to help form the central X of the TWX quilt. Such lovely rich shades of dark teal… They’re going to look great!

robin-twx-1 robin-twx-2






Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but typing still isn’t much¬†fun. More soon, I promise.. ūüôā




TWX4: another two!

Well, I didn’t think I’d be posting about TWX again quite so quickly!

Yesterday, Jenny from The Lilac Cat commented¬†to say she’d mailed off two blocks just before Christmas. I didn’t think they’d be anywhere near being delivered yet, what with normal mail taking two weeks from the UK and Christmas on top of that. Yet here they are, and just look how lovely they are!

jenny-scrappy-x-1 jenny-scrappy-x-2






So, that’s two more light blocks to add to the tally. We’re down to needing only 10 more, plus 9 darker ones. Kate from Manic Mumdays has promised one of each, so 9 more light and 8 more darker blocks. If you’re planning on making a block and have a preference, do let me know which you’re going for.

At this rate, I’ll be able to start assembling the quilt a whole lot¬†sooner than I thought….

TWX3: A handful of XXXs

I’ve decided to kick off the New Year with some kisses (XXs).

Tealed with a Kiss (TWX) will be the next quilt out of the traps, and I thought I’d show the blocks I have received so far¬†and below them, three¬†I’ve just made, in case any of you who have kindly offered to make a couple want some visual reference.


twx-collage-2The plan is that the 9 darkest blocks will form a large X on the quilt, surrounded by lighter blocks. It’s going to be 5 blocks wide by 6 blocks tall. The bottom row will feature the teal ribbon in the centre of the row, with the two heart blocks either side. ¬†I’ll be needing 6¬†more dark blocks and 12 more light blocks.

Below is a list of the participants. In black are those who’ve already made and sent their blocks. In red are those who’ve offered but not yet made or sent theirs. If you have a preference for dark or light blocks, tell me,¬†so we don’t end up with too many of either sort. It’s first come, first served, though, so have a look at your teal stash and ¬†try and let me know as soon as you can which you’d like to make. If there’s a shortfall of anything, I’ll make it up, and if any blocks are made which are surplus to requirements, I’ll use them on a later quilt.

Kate Chiconi: light scrappy X, dark wonky X and teal ribbon
Carla Morris: light ‘elephant’ X
Lynn Hutton: dark ‘star’, dark X
Sue Brown: two heart blocks, bowtie X and 4 patch X
Ali Kelly: light small Xs and light wonky X
Jenny Ladbrooke: two light scrappy Xs
Robin Murphy: two dark X blocks
Nanette Gilbert
Kathy Reeves
Kate Bottrell: one dark, one light block
Esther Frenzel
Gun Adrian
Margaret Creek

Right, I think I’ll go and make another light block or two…

TWX2: two more blocks

Beautiful blocks continue to trickle in for TWX (Tealed with a Kiss).

Look at these two lovelies from Ali of Thimberlina.



Just a reminder: if you’d like to contribute a block or two, the specs are very simple:

  • Any format of block resembling an X; formal, improv, appliqu√©, whatever takes your fancy.
  • Any shade of teal and cream, can be teal on cream or cream on teal.
  • Unfinished size 12¬Ĺ inches square or a little more if possible.

There’s still lots of time; I have to get this one finished by mid April next year for a May fundraiser, but if you’d like to make one, do let me know so I can plan for your contribution.

Right, back to cutting joining strips… ūüė¶


TWX1: Gearing up for xxs

In a month or two, it’ll be time for a new Ovarian Cancer Quilt.

For those not yet in the know, I make quilts for Ovarian Cancer Australia, to be auctioned at their fundraising events to raise money for research into this silent killer. It’s a chronically under-funded cause, so I’m delighted to help.¬†I’m slowly plugging along on the current version, Stay+¬†(positive), quilting a square here and there as time allows. Today, there was no time at all, but it’s not a huge quilt and it will be done soon.

Which will leave me free to start Tealed with a Kiss (TWX). Yesterday morning I received a squishy parcel. Huge excitement! Not only did it contain three F¬≤F¬≤ blocks from Sue (which you can see in the gallery), but also four wonderful blocks for TWX. Aren’t they lovely?

sue-bowtie-x sue-4patch-x sue-big-bordered-heart sue-4-small-hearts

The hearts will go along the bottom edge, together with the Ovarian Cancer ribbon block I try to include on all the quilts I make for them. The rest of the quilt will consist of blocks featuring an X in some form or other, whether formal or improv, positive or negative, little or large. As always, the blocks will finish at 12 inches square, or 12¬Ĺ inches unfinished.

If you’re a quilter and you’d like to contribute a block for this quilt, do let me know in the Comments section, or email me at the address you’ll find on my Contact Me page. Each contributor is credited on the finished quilt’s label. The colour scheme is any shade of teal, from light to dark, on a cream to beige background. I lay out, quilt and assemble the blocks, using the QAYG process.

I’ll be away over the weekend, travelling, so please excuse me if you contact me and don’t get an immediate response. We’ll be passing through quite a few WiFi blackspots!