Ovarian Cancer: CYTL complete

It’s done, and even a bit early.

Yesterday, I completed the assembly. It all got done painlessly and quickly, thanks to Aretha, my marvellous sewing machine. I have to say, all the bits of quilt-making I used to dislike most are much less intimidating these days, thanks to Her Stitchy Majesty.

Last night and this morning, I got the binding stitched down, and then the Husband did quilt-hanger duty in the back yard so I could get a photo or two. A beautiful still and sunny winter’s day made the process totally painless. Usually, I have to wait for gusts of wind to subside!

Even making and applying the label went without a hitch. Normally, I like to make two transfers in case the first goes wrong; it’s amazingly easy to try and take the backing off too quickly and peeling half the transfer off!

This time, however, I got it right, so the second transfer is a memento which can go into the project folder together with the original sketch, fabric calculations and swatches, receipts, quilt brief and colour references.

I’ve got a call out to the Trudy Crowley Foundation to work out a date to deliver both this quilt and Sue’s lovely Taking Flight contribution. It’s a bonus year for Ovarian Cancer fundraising quilts!

For anyone who’d like to contribute next time, be it one block or several, just leave a message in the Comments, or send me an email (address on the Contact Me page). All skill levels are welcome; all you need is fabric, a sewing machine and the will to help.

And that’s it for this year. On with the next thing!

In the Arms of the Angels: the fundraiser

So, massive congratulations to everyone who worked on this quilt, or indeed offered encouragement, inspiration or practical help. 

Last night the Trudy Crowley Foundation was launched at a Twilight Dinner at the Mackay Marina, and I’m delighted and thrilled to let you know that the quilt raised $1,050 at the live auction. There was a professional photographer there and a cameraman from the local TV station, so there may be better publicity in the next few days than my phone camera shots… Also present were the deputy mayor and a couple of the local MPs, so the PR team had done their work.

As suspected, the quilt went to Trudy’s great friend and Director of the Foundation, who’d already told me she was prepared to outbid everyone else to secure it. She was as good as her word.

The Foundation has already secured the services of a warm, passionate and dedicated Ovarian Cancer and palliative care nurse, the lovely Rosie, who was at the dinner and has expressed interest in a pair of teal wings to wear at work 🙂

I’ll be having a meeting soon with the organisers to discuss the next quilt, which will be auctioned at the Nude Lunch event. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it done for this year’s, which is in September, but definitely for the next one.

But maybe not till after I’ve moved house….

In the Arms of the Angels: we take flight

Christmas is over and my cutting table was empty, so…

So of course, it was time to start work 🙂 Already, I have received four blocks and made three of my own. There’s more en route and still more promised. I could have waited a bit longer, but the deadline is looming large in my brain and making me restive, and anyway I wanted needed to do some exploratory work.

First out of the traps were Robin’s four blocks, two pale background squares and two dark border squares. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Then I made three light background blocks myself. Two of them are scrappy, as I don’t want things to be too tidy; I’m hoping for a soft, broken-colour effect.

And finally, using butcher paper, I blocked out the size and shape of the light background on which the wings will sit so that I could work on the banner, hook, L-plate and wings. It doesn’t look like much yet, but I really needed to look at size, proportion and placement.

 All these elements will be separate pieces which will be appliquéd to the background. The edges of the banner and L-plate will be free of the background, and the wing feathers will be substantially free of the background along their length, I hope, so that there will be some movement. I’m still working on how exactly I’m going to achieve that, but at least now I have sizes and shapes blocked in.

The wing shapes are just foundation pieces at the moment; the actual wings will be larger, and they’ll also look fuller with the feathers lying thickly over the background.

So, In the Arms of the Angels is off the ground.