Autumn colour

Melbournians all wear black.

It’s not a rule, it’s just that they do. And it seems the city itself produces an antidote to all this urban cool by going just a little crazy with the autumn colour.

We were meeting at The Terrace café at Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens. My friend Ann and her husband were due to join us, but he wasn’t well, so that will have to wait for another day. However, I did get to catch up with two family members and Chippy came with us, so it was still a fun outing. Hot soup and toasted sourdough and hot chocolate on a cold day are really good!

Afterwards, we walked through the magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens to get back to Flinders Street Station (both to shake down the lunch and enjoy the spectacular views), waved the young rellies off and piled into the train to get home to warm up.

That evening we went out to eat. Chippy is a wonderful cook, but we were looking for an excuse to eat out, so curry it was…

Dosas with a butter chicken filling and a trio of dipping sauce, gravy and chutney, so good. And of course, eaten with the hands for the authentic experience.

We did dress up a little too much for the venue, I’ll admit, but Chippy and I enjoy a little Indian-style glamour. Black and gold for her, pink, orange and navy for me!

Today, we’re meeting Lucy again for lunch. She’s flown up specially from Sydney, so it would be a shame not to make the most of it. But first, I’m spoiling myself with a pedicure whilst the Husband reads the papers and enjoys a cup of coffee.

Life is hard, but someone has to do it!

Under colder skies

We’re in Melbourne. And it’s bloody freezing!

We arrived late-ish last night, slightly delayed, after a long day spent either on planes or at airports. It was good to finally bend my back in a different direction and relax in the company of much-missed friends.

We have eaten delicious curry, slept in comfortable beds, shown our handwork to each other, and caught up on reminiscences and gossip. It was wonderful.

And today we made a trip down to Torquay, on Victoria’s Surf Coast. It’s a two hour drive, but pleasant.

The purpose was to have a delightful rootle on the shelves of Amitié Textiles, which had relocated there. Oh, and have lunch.

And rootle we did, after a brief unscheduled stop for a really excellent farmers’ market, where the party purchased locally distilled gin stuffed with Australian botanicals, a very authentic boerewors sausage, a bag of locally grown apples and some extremely luxurious baked cheesecake.

My friend Chippy and I both came away with fabric loot which I’m sure will be featuring on our blogs in the not too distant future. And then there was lunch, which was epic and awesome and warming and filling, and eaten overlooking a dark and blustery Bass Strait. But later, while we were checking out the surf at Bell’s Beach, there was a rainbow, so that was alright.

And then we came home and ate more curry. And tomorrow, there’s going to be a bigger gathering: friends, and family, and a lovely brunch at the Terrace Café at Melbourne Botanic Gardens.

So more on that later.