The Adventures of Mouse: A short break

Hello people, Mouse here again.

Something had been going on for a few days, but the Staff had not informed me what… It turns out we were heading down the coast a little for a short three day break. Because it was short, Mum had not been fiddling about for days in advance, making me all unsettled. The Staff got everything done on the morning we left, with the unfortunate result that a couple of things have been left behind. Nothing critical, and nothing of mine, luckily.

Anyway, we are now at Kinka Beach, near Yeppoon. We’ve been here before, so it’s nice to revisit all the smells and the, ahem, message posts. The Staff have considerately brought my Floof and my privacy fence, so I will be able to lie comfortably in the sun without neighbouring small yappers trespassing on My Territory.

“What is a Floof?” you ask.

Floof is a doughnut-shaped, highly silky-fluffy stuffed ring with a soft padded middle instead of a hole. It is Me sized, so I can curl up inside or lie across it. It’s also light and, did I mention, fluffy? So it makes a perfect Fluffy Prey Toy, and I spend many happy hours savaging it, dragging it about and vanquishing it when it gets uppity.

I don’t think the Staff have big plans for today. Mum originally thought she’d be hand-stitching down the binding on the Floribunda quilt, but she didn’t quite manage to get it fully assembled before we left. But she says we have enough time to get it finished for the Show after we get back. Now, she says she’ll sit in the sun and read her new book (The CSIRO Low-Carb Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Solution – Mum).

Oh, and I wondered why Mum kept popping in and out after dinner. It seems there is a Celestial Event in progress. A Blood Moon Eclipse!

I’ll pass, thanks. It’s much warmer and comfier inside. Even this sighthound isn’t tempted to gaze at the moon…

The Travels of Mouse: north to the sun #6

Well, it rained off and on all day yesterday. I can’t imagine what the Staff were thinking.

I mean, the point of the holiday was winter sunshine, so rain was very inconvenient and not well arranged. Still, we did manage some enjoyment. I got a few walkies in, although no big runs in a dog park on account of “not getting himself completely muddied up”. I was a Very Good Boy and held still while Mum got an ouchie out of my eye, which was all mucky. And as a reward, we went back to Vines and I got another puppaccino – and it wasn’t even my birthday!

The Staff made a huge sacrifice and forced down some coffee and cake whilst we sat in the shade area outside, surrounded by enormous tropical stuff. It’s all leaves to me, but Mum made a big song and dance about the flowers, ooh, aaah. The little trickling fountain was nice, though, even if I wasn’t allowed to have a drink there…

I did a lot of snoozing. Dad stuck on some headphones and pawed at his black plank thing. Mum messed about with fabric and took me for walkies. And then the final outrage: she baked and there was None For Me. Apparently, she’d been inspired by the cake she had at Vines. She made cupcakes with pineapple and banana and chocolate chips. I offered to help lick the bowl and the spoons – you know, the Mouse Pre-Wash Cycle – but my helpful offer was refused. I also didn’t get any bits once they were baked. I just don’t understand… They had banana in them. Obviously they were for Me!

(Note from Mum: I had to make do with what I have in the caravan pantry: 2 cup self raising flour, 2 eggs, 1 small very ripe mashed banana, 1 cup dark brown sugar, 1 x 445g/15 or 16oz can crushed pineapple with the juice, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips. Mix it all just enough so there’s no visible flour left, dollop into a well-greased muffin pan – I use silicone in the caravan because you can roll it up to fit in a small space – and bake for 20 minutes at 160°C/325°C)

Mum says she’s assembled the two rows of hexies she committed to at the start of the trip, and now just has to sew them onto the main piece. Whatever. It all sounds like blah blah blah to me. OK, that’s mean, but sewing is time she could have spent stroking me… Anyway, she’s bustling about now opening and closing lockers, which can only mean one thing.

We’re on the move again.

The Travels of Mouse: north to the sun #1

It’s happening again.

The Staff are taking liberties with my possessions and schedule. It’s an Outrage. For the past day, they have been bustling about with stuff in their paws, scarcely taking a moment to give me strokies or a treat. I grant you that meals and walkies arrived on time and up to standard, but it’s upsetting to have this stuff going on behind my back.

Later: Well, all is explained. They are loading my fence into the back of the car, my travel water bowl and a large bag of kibble are sitting on the bench, the Quartermaster (Mum) has put all my stuff into either the car or the caravan, and only my bed (currently occupied by Me) has not been whipped out from under my nose and taken away. Dad says he has bought extra fencing so my yard is now twice the size, which will be nice.

A solitary lead still hangs from the hook, so I expect there’ll be walkies before we go… Mum says we’re going north, even further north than Townsville, where I was adopted, but that we’ll be taking time out to visit friends at GAP Queensland in Townsville so I can say hello to Miss Nikki and the other greyhounds at the kennels. After that, we’ll go up to Cairns for just over a week, then home again.

I like Miz Lizzie the caravan. My bed is comfy, meals arrive at the usual time, Dad’s bunk is perfectly placed beside my bed for strokies whenever I want them, and there are fascinating new walks and smells to enjoy when we go out. Mum and Dad find fun places for me to run around like a maniac and stretch my legs along the way, and we all enjoy trying out all the dog-friendly things to do when we get there. Mum has printed out a list of cafés in Cairns where dogs are welcome and people can come along too. She says there will be beaches too, in case I should feel like a spot of cautious paddling (well, jellyfish, saltwater crocodiles and sharks permitting, of course, this is Far North Queensland, after all). I’ll have to think about that one…

Now, if only the Staff would hurry up and finish packing stuff, we can be on our way.

The Travels of Mouse, Part 3

I’m really very busy, but have found a few minutes to let you know what we’re up to.

The Staff have set Miz Lizzie the caravan up very nicely and have finally put up my privacy enclosure to keep the uninvited out.  Behold Le Salon de Mouse, where I receive visitors, have long interesting talks with Mum about food and walkies and what she and Dad laughingly call ‘their’ plans for the next day. It makes a nice change from inside, where Dad grumbles that I’m in his way; surely he realises that everything is mine and he is only there to serve Me? You really can’t get the Staff these days, but I shall have to struggle on with what I have…

Yesterday we went up the mountain to Dorrigo to visit Mum’s sister and her husband. They have a very nice house which I gave a thorough sniffing, but the back yard is best – they have chickens! I did not chase them, I’m far too well behaved for that, but I did follow them about a little bit, and I inspected their enclosure to ensure there was no unauthorised rodent activity. I also checked the boundaries, had some nice zoomies around the grass and then lay on my quilt in the sun next to the woodpile. They have this cunning winch arrangement for getting the wood upstairs to the house, and it would have been fun to ride up in the wood box, but no-one paid any attention to my suggestion.

I have been ensuring the Staff get plenty of exercise; with enormous self-sacrifice, I am taking them for walkies several times a day when clearly I’d prefer to snooze in the sun, but I need to ensure that they stay fit and healthy. Today we are doing something different; we are going into Coffs Harbour and hope to meet up with Aunty Dale and Uncle Wayne and Diesel Dog for coffee (and possibly a sneaky puppacino), if they have time. Tomorrow, I believe we’re going to something called a Car Boot Sale, which is strangely not somewhere that you buy car boots, but where you buy unwanted stuff that people have brought in their car boots (trunks for my US readers). It sounds as if there will be lots of sniffing opportunities, and perhaps some other dogs to say hello to, as it’s being held at Macksville Showgrounds, a 20 minute drive away.

Mum and Dad are in a high state of excitement because this weekend sees a big social event. First, on Saturday afternoon and evening a number of friends are arriving. Firstly, Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan, all the way from Melbourne, then 4 or 5 others who belong to the same motorbike club as Mum and Dad, and who will be staying here at the White Albatross too. I expect there’ll be a potluck dinner of some sort on Saturday evening (better keep a sharp lookout for snacking opportunities), and then on Sunday morning we’ll head off in cars and on bikes down to South West Rocks. It’s a nice drive we reconnoitred the other day. The plan is to hold an RTE (ride to eat) at a café called Malt & Honey, which welcomes dogs and allows humans too. Mum says the Eggs Benedict looks lavish, and she’s already chosen what she’s going to eat! I expect there will be lots of talking. I shall snooze until I feel the humans need to take some exercise…

Well, all this writing is zorsting and I must catch up on my beauty sleep. I’ll write you some more after the RTE, I expect there will be plenty of photos.

Toodles for now.