Domestic, er, bliss….

I have almost reached the bottom of the pile.

We got home late on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday I unpacked, put away, cleaned, and did 4 or 5 loads of laundry. Mouse spent the entire first evening walking around the house and lying down on empty patches of floor, our bed, the sofa and his three beds, to re-establish his own personal ‘flavour’. He managed to be under foot the maximum amount of time, but the delight on his furry face at being back was so touching I hadn’t the heart to ask him to go and lie down.

Now that we’re back and I’m fully in the swing of domesticity again, I’m looking back fondly on some of the meals I didn’t have to make myself.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, in that order.

How easy it was to keep the caravan tidy, the beds made and the dishes done. And how very good it is to have a bit more space again, despite the domestic requirements!

(A point of information: we don’t have a hot water system in the caravan. Until recently, I had to boil the kettle several times to get enough hot water to wash up. And then I had a brainwave! A hot water urn. It holds 8 litres (nearly 2 gallons) of water (enough for two loads of washing up) and can hold it at the boil if necessary, but also keeps it at perfect washing up temperature all day. It’s plastic, lightweight and can be stowed away for travel.

It’s good to be home, but I do still have my fingers crossed that the trip down to NSW we have booked in October will go ahead. It will give me a chance to catch up with friends and family, as well as satisfying my slight homesickness for the region we’re going to.

Just at the moment, it’s not looking great; the number of cases in Sydney is climbing exponentially as cases come into the country with returning travellers, and then run amok in the local population, some of whom are not especially compliant…  By the time we’re supposed to leave, we’ll both be fully vaccinated. Wouldn’t it be nice if that allowed us to cross the border freely…?

Once I’ve finished all the domestic stuff, I can finally turn my attention back to the sewing room and my newly-serviced sewing machine. Oh, and my plans to completely rearrange the whole sewing room. Eeek!

Looking forward to it 🙂

All kinds of fun in Melbourne

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been off the blog a bit.

The Husband and I have lovely friends in Melbourne, fellow members of our motorbike club, and they’d invited us to visit them if the opportunity arose. We subsequently found cheap flights, booked the leave and then we were off!

We got up to so many things and have so many pictures that I can’t bore you with it do a blow by blow account of it all, so I’m going to leave you with some visual highlights.

Suffice it to say that we ate many fabulous meals, we visited beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, sights and features, we indulged in nostalgia and tried new things, we met old friends and made new ones, gathered in big groups and small, and we were sad to leave but glad to come home.

We were lucky enough to be there for the Chinese New Year celebrations, and some of the photos show this, in case you were wondering if fireworks were a normal part of Melbourne life!

Also, I can give you a link for lots of the things shown in the photos, but if I did that, this post wouldn’t come out till the end of next week, so if you’re interested or curious, just ask.

Finally, I had the very great pleasure of taking Go Teal it on the Mountain to Ovarian Cancer Australia, to do a ceremonial hand over, as the final quilt the Ovarian Cancer team is making for them. The lovely Emily was thrilled to bits with the reality, although she’s watched it progress from concept to finished photo. The real thing always has more impact and presence than a photo… She has asked me to pass on her thanks and admiration to everyone who contributed, and tells me she’ll continue to follow the making of the quilts for the Trudy Crowley Foundation.

We got back yesterday, and normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂


Miz Lizzie Adventures: Mackay to Townsville

Today was the first full day of holiday.

We arrived fairly early and got set up quickly. It’s a beautiful caravan park, and as it’s low season, we have the place almost to ourselves.

I was tired after yesterday’s packing and travelling, and after a delicious supper of grilled pork chops and pineapple (grown about a kilometre away), a brief walk on the beach 20 metres away and a catch up on what was happening in blogland, we both put head to pillow and were out like a light. I woke early to the most wonderful sunrise over the sea, and a very peaceful sound from the waves at high tide.

I’d booked my sewing machine in for a service in Townsville as I don’t much care for the local technician in Mackay. Need I say there was a very modest fabric purchase….? We also paid a visit to the Honda motorbike shop across the road (how’s that for convenience?) to see if we could find a handlebar mount for the satnav, but no luck, or it would have been even scores for me and the Husband. Then off to our first planned visit, the Heritage Tea Rooms, up the high and winding Herveys Range Road, just north of the city.

It’s gorgeous. A settler-style cottage, built of wood, with high ceilings, verandahs and a tin roof, it’s still filled with original furniture, zinc tubs, old mangles, dressers (hutches) filled with lovely old crockery, original floorboards and fascinating photos of people and scenes from 100 years ago and more. And the food… well. I had two huge batch scones (buttermilk biscuits), fresh butter and home made plum jam. The Husband went blokey and had a beef pie and a sausage roll (and the half scone I couldn’t manage!), washed down with an excellent iced latte. Delicious, home made, and enjoyed in the shady garden surrounds of the Tea Rooms.

Then back down Herveys Range, stopping for a photo of the stunning view from the top, with Mt Cataract in the middle and Townsville and the sea in the distance, and back to Rollingstone and the purchase of some beautiful locally-caught banana prawns and another very local pineapple for our dinner.

Not a cloud in the sky all day, 34°C/93°F, and as soon as I’ve written this, I’m heading for the swimming pool for an afternoon dip. It’s hell, but someone has to do it. Tomorrow we’re packing up in the morning and heading north once again, to Cairns and Far North Queensland. Plenty more to do there, but it struck us today that now we have Bill, we’d be able to head up to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation, something we couldn’t do in our previous car due to the roughness of the road. Something to think about… it’s nearly 18 years since I last visited the Cape.

See you in FNQ 🙂

Homeward bound…

It’s been all too short, but it’s time to turn for home

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.32.52 am

My beloved mountain

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.33.44 am

Silver gull, eyeing our lunch

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.34.02 am

My favourite beach

There have been some splendid highlights: seeing friends and family to re-forge and strengthen the bonds of love and friendship; making new friends; exchanging gifts; refreshing our spirits with the abundance of natural beauty around us in this small patch of heaven; wonderful food and drink; and last but not least, the company of the darling Husband to enjoy it all with.

We’ve covered thousands of kilometres, and still have about 1500 to go, but long distance travel is the price we pay to live in this beautiful country and still remain connected to the ones we love.

I leave you with some photos…

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.58.51 am

Loot! Macadamias and macadamia oil

Tomorrow I hope to post the August F2F round-up, travel and energy permitting, but for now, it’s time to head north and turn our faces towards home. 🙂

Words under Pressure #19

Two posts in one day? Well, sometimes you just have too much to say. And Words under Pressure need to be let out…

There’s nothing like taking up a new(ish) and dangerous sport when you’re old enough to know better…

I do get a few stares of disbelief when I talk about careering around the country on the back of a large and powerful motorbike. At 54 I suppose it’s not really surprising, but I’ve had a love affair with motorbikes for much of my life and now I have the Husband to share it with. We have no children or other dependents, we’re reasonably careful and law-abiding, and we do want to have some serious fun before we’re too old and decrepit. And boy, do we have fun….


I voyage for delight,
Venturing into the unknown
For the joy of discovery,
And soul’s refreshment.

Into the strange
I plunge, delirious, laughing.
Thoughts riotous,
My heart expanding.

I have broken out
Of my scribed circle,
The slow, sick spiral
Down into dullness.

See me fly!
I have seized the slipstream
And travel on the high winds
That circle the earth.

Envy me, earthbound.
I have launched myself at
The far places of the world.
I stride on clouds.

Are we having fun yet? Are we ever!

Words under Pressure #12


He walks in thunder, the sea god,
Wave piercer, wave dancer, in rainbow clouds.
Before him, the wrinkled, endless sea,
Behind him, the waterspout.

Look  how the scented tropic air
Is wrenched and chilled by his power.
Zephyrs shriek and howl
At their lord’s passing.

See how in his white wake
The night stars writhe and dance,
Made mirage by the heat
Of his oblivious passage.

But the fish do not fear him,
Though they part and dive before him.
Wave Dancer walks gently
On the roof of their world.

Words under pressure #1

No, it’s not good poetry, but it released something that wanted out.  And this is MY blog, so I can post it if I want to, heh heh!

The colours don't look quite real, but actually they're even stronger and brighter than this.

The colours don’t look quite real, but actually they’re
even stronger and brighter than this.

Island in the Sun

Hurtling across the earth’s face,
The shrieking plane violates
Heaven’s lofty peace, its pure moonscape.
This parody of flight, this facile travel.

And then the reprieve, the release
From their stinking shell. A birth into the sun.
Dazed and feeble, travellers emerge,
Inhale – and stumble blinking, confused.

Something magical, something far-off and strange.
A sense of other, a profound difference.
A sweeping rush of exhilaration.
A changed way of being.

The tremor is stilled, heartbeat slows.
In the sunlight, hummingbirds tremble and glitter.
Time to stop and watch. The race recedes.
The mind’s eye is dazzled, ultraviolet-lit.

White echoing cliffs, where the sea hurls
Lace-like foam onto the bony shoulders
Of ancient, fossil-crusted limestone.
High in the aching blue void, birds scream.

Sands: white, golden and shaded pink,
Soft and fine, like island sugar, whisper and blow.
The wind is strange, far-travelled,
Breathing its lonely, ten-thousand-mile breath.

Along the shore, the restless, unending
Refreshment continues, the world’s
Inexorable heartbeat, the surf, the tides.
Unceasing, eternal, ancient, ever-new.

Along the roads, the great grass, the cane
With its heart of sweetness, its heady promise
Waves above brilliant hedgerow jewels –
The wild orchids. Everyday miracles.