Dignity shredded….

Oh no. Not again….

Yup. Crutches. Ankle brace. Surgical dressings. RICE. 5 days of it.

Picture this. Me and doggo out for morning walkies. Half a km from home. Rather bumpy but nevertheless tarmac side road. Foot down on potholed area, major ankle roll, crunching noises, pitching helplessly forwards to smack down on the remaining three points of opposite knee and both hands.

Getting myself home was as much fun as you might imagine. Picking out the gravel was fun too. Things got better once I had an ice pack on the ankle and the leg up, and a dressing on my very mangled knee. The hands are just scraped and bruised.

Got an x-ray. “Oooh, you’ve done a number on that one! Spectacular!” Yes, thank you, doctor, most reassuring. “Ligaments torn, no breaks, RICE for 5 days, stay off it, crutches if you have to move”. Also, come back after 5 days if it doesn’t feel like it’s improving and the joint is getting more stable, I may need an MRI to see what the soft tissue damage is. I’ve busted this ankle so many times I can virtually recite what they’re going to say. I know the drill….¬† But the fact that the bone on the other, ‘good’ foot isn’t healing very fast and is still mostly broken and still quite painful makes getting around heaps of fun. Crutches help, but I’m hirpling around very slowly. Don’t ask me to carry anything, either.

Look on the bright side. At least it’s not a plaster cast for 6 weeks.