Reno #14: they’re here!

The kitchen tiles have arrived!

You’re looking at my next renovation task: getting the kitchen splash-back tiled. Are these not the perfect tiles for a quilter? You can almost name the blocks they were designed from. I know they’re not the ones I originally chose, but I feel a sneaking sense of relief; these are smaller and easier to work with, a whole lot cheaper, plus easier to get hold of. And I think it’s probably clear from the photo that the kitchen isn’t exactly going to be short of colour anyway!

There are 10 different tile designs, there are 35 in a box, so you get at least 3 of each, plus some random extras. It’s just a pity I can’t pin them up on my design wall to select the layout! And by the way, am I the only one thinking that one at top left a bit overpowering? I think it needs to be placed next to the star and the triangles so it doesn’t shout so loudly. I have two boxes, so I could if necessary leave out any tiles that don’t blend enough to please my eye. I do want to use leftovers elsewhere in the house too, so hopefully I can make them all work.

So, the Easter weekend’s coming up. I have an appointment with tile adhesive, a toothed trowel and a spirit level…


Reno #10: an end to the grovelling

I refer, of course, to the crawling on hands and knees I’ve been doing.

One cannot tile a floor without lots of knee action, and mine are now on strike, so it’s just as well that I’ve finished the job! It’s tiled, grouted, sponged and sponged again. I still have to buff it, but I propose to do that with rags tied to my feet, swanning about like a geriatric ballerina doing glissades. At some stage after the plumber has been on Monday to install the new loo, deal with the shower and taps, and install the dishwasher, sink and gas hob in the kitchen, I will have to do a spot more grovelling to install the tile skirting/baseboard, but sufficient unto the day, and all that. I’m really rather pleased with how this looks 🙂

St Bill the Chippy is slowly withdrawing his equipment. At one stage the entire living room, garage and kitchen were filled with sawhorses, compressors, air hoses, nailguns, drop saws, cordless this and hammer that, endless sawdust, woodchips, old nails and screws, new nails and screws, offcuts of timber, mouldings and trims, shelves, beading, architrave, noggins, studs, doors off their hinges and I don’t know what else. It was his preferred working environment, and I picked my way around it all. Now, suddenly, rooms are reappearing from under the mulch of equipment. So what are we doing? Yup, establishing our own mulch of stuff. Boxes of books, files, piles of quilts and curtains, heaps of cushions, crash helmets… well, you get the idea.

But in between, we actually had the breakfast bar clear enough we could eat lunch at it, and the kitchen counter is clear (if not yet dusted and washed) so I can oil it tomorrow before I start painting elsewhere.

Those shelves are the same butcher block timber as the benchtop, which I think is going to look great against white walls. That’ll be my job, then…. Meanwhile, Monday is plumbing day, Tuesday is sparky day, when the range hood is hooked up, the electric oven goes in, the ceiling lights will be fitted in the kitchen, I get all my double power points, and last but not least, the fan/ heat/ light unit goes into the bathroom ceiling. I think we’re in the home stretch. Just a few doors to go back on their hinges on Wednesday, and we can sort of move house… Enough to sleep and eat there, even if all our possessions are not yet there, especially my sewing room, the least ‘necessary’ room in the house 😦

It’s been a hard day. Time for a cuppa and several bickies.

Reno #9 and BougieNights: a tale of three squares

Yes, it IS an odd juxtaposition, but let me explain why.

I have spent a large proportion of the last two days on hands and knees. That’ll be tiling the bathroom floor, then. I have 15 left to set, and then the main part is done, after which I just have to do the infill round the edges and the skirting/baseboard pieces, which can come later. Anyway, the result of this was (as you might expect) an almighty sore back and a sharp rise in my analgesia intake 😉

Looks good though, considering we had to come up with a design which used up the small quantity of terracotta tiles we’d been given, boosted with new white tiles. It’s probably not what I’d have chosen to do if we’d started from scratch, but I simply couldn’t chuck out perfectly good and useful floor tiles. I shall pretend it’s the mosaic floor of my Roman bath house, and accessorise accordingly!  That’s square No 1.

Square No 2 is the individual blocks of Bougainville Nights, now in their final positions.

There have been a couple of minor changes since I last posted about this, but I’ve had to draw a line under further alterations, because I’ve now positioned the remaining 6 blocks on the back and spray basted everything. If I change something now, chances are I’d need to mess up the pattern on the back.

You can see Square No 3 beside the quilt layout. There was one block I really loved, but it had too much lemony yellow in it to work with the rest of them. So I pulled it out, and bordered it with more bright yellow and orange to make a feature of it. It’s going to be the cushion that goes with the quilt – in the same family, but separate. I’ll back it with dark blue and bind it in pink and all will be well.

And now, I am very knackered, so I’m going to make a cup of tea and some toast and honey and kick back.