Time for Teal part 1

And away we go.

I’ll be starting sewing for the ovarian cancer fundraising quilt next month. For those of you joining me, a few parameters… The quilt will be a grid of 6×6 12 inch (finished size) blocks, just like the quilt the F²F group made for Pat. The colour scheme will follow the theme colour of ovarian cancer, and is teal on a background of cream, beige or light tan. The teals can be varied from light to dark, patterned, textured or plain. I thought it would be fun for all the quilts we make for Ovarian Cancer Australia to name each quilt with a play on the word Teal.

Time for Teal is #1 in the series of however many I am able to manage into the future. And given the name, I’ve decided to have fun with a teatime theme! In addition to the Teal Ribbon block which will be a constant feature of every quilt, I’m considering blocks showing teapots, teacups, mugs, tea cosies, cupcakes, and of course, Dresden plates! These will sit on fairly plain backgrounds in the central section of the quilt, as if on a tablecloth. I think I may edge this section with a teal band to separate it from the blocks around the outside, which will be the patterned ‘tablecloth border’.

Susan Druding teapotPiece by Number cupsThe images shown are teacup and teapot blocks I have previously made and will repeat for this project. Below them is an earlier quilt I made for the CanDo Cancer Trust in New South Wales a couple of years ago, featuring a border of Dresden plates. Again, I’ll repeat the Dresden plate blocks for this project. I offer these images as potential ideas, something to kick off your own inspiration.

Morning Tea quilt

Morning Tea at the Quilting Bee

So far, I have 7 lovely volunteers who have each said they will produce a block or two, and all are welcome to join in. All who join in will be acknowledged on the quilt label. I was quite prepared to make the entire thing myself, but many of you have said you’d like to help, and this is a low commitment, high satisfaction way!

If you’d like to contribute a teacup, teapot, Dresden plate or cupcake block, please remember to keep the background as pale and plain as possible. If you’d like to contribute a border block, go crazy! Make the pattern or design as plain or as interesting as you like. Use as many fabrics as you like. Have fun!

Once I’ve started sewing, I shall post a few blocks to keep you informed of how I’m getting on, and of course I’ll be showing the blocks sent in by everyone else.

Let’s make a thing of beauty and defeat a silent killer.

Time for more teal

Once again, there’s another quilt in the pipeline, apart from my Selfish Hatbox one.

Pat1fromKateWhen I was in Melbourne earlier this week, I dropped into the offices of Ovarian Cancer Australia. I showed them the quilt the F2F team had made for Pat, and asked if they’d like a quilt a year of their own for fundraising purposes. Yes please, they’d be delighted!

So, it’s time for more teal.  They originally asked whether I could get one ready for a fundraising event in May, but even at my usual rate of working, that was a bit too much of an ask, particularly as I have family visiting later this month and other things going on. However, there’ll be another event later in the year, so I’ll aim for that.

I’ll be doing the same sort of block as we do for F2F, and following the same format as Pat’s quilt, so if there’s anyone out there who’d like to contribute a teal block, all comers are welcome. 12.5 inches square unfinished, any design, so long as it’s teal on cream or beige or pale tan. You can see the sort of colour scheme we’re after from the original quilt shown in the link above. Perhaps some of you who haven’t felt able to join F2F because of the commitment might feel that one block is not too much of an ask? I’ll be making another teal ribbon block for the quilt, because they felt it was a good motif to include, but aside from that, the brief is wide open.

I don’t have access to a longarm quilting machine, and quilting a piece this size on a domestic machine is beyond my strength any more, so it’ll probably end up being a QAYG job with neutral narrow sashing between the blocks, which I think will look pretty good too.

Anyone out there who has a little free time, some fabric and would like to help make a difference? Or if you don’t sew, but would like to help in other ways, leave me a comment, and I’ll put you in touch with the lady in charge of fundraising there.