Mend It Monday

It’s a perennial problem.

The Husband drives for a living. He wears a seatbelt for an average of 80 hours in his working week. It’s safe, but it’s rough on his work shirts. By far the most frequent repair I have to make is not lost buttons, split underarm seams or torn pockets, but the ‘seatbelt shoulder’.

I can’t actually keep up with the demand for orange work shirting fabric recycled from his old shirts. Mostly the backs of his old shirts become a ‘glove rag’. He has to wear heavy duty rubber gloves delivering the diesel, and once he’s done with them they get wrapped up in a large cloth until the end of the shift, when the whole lot gets washed. The shirt back is perfect for this purpose.

I know this patch is really visible. It’s because it’s come from older, more faded, but still intact sleeve cloth. Usually, I turn under the edges, but I’ve found that the raised edge catches the seatbelt even more. So I serged the edge and stitched it down with first blanket stitch and then straight stitch inside that. My mending has had to evolve over time to meet the demands of the job!

One more shirt saved from the rag bag. It’s a shame the rag bag is running low!