$11R: Just what it needed

I’m loving how this looks!

Yes, OK, it is a lot more fiddly than cutting simple 1 inch strips of one fabric. But I totally love the effect, and I love even more the way these scrappy sashing strips gobble up my fabric crumbs. It’s a whole extra dimension of colour and texture.

One quarter of the quilt assembled. I’ve managed to keep the sashing nice and narrow on the front and pretty narrow on the back. It’s resulted in having to redo a couple of sections of stitching where the sewn line just missed the fold-over on the back. Luckily it doesn’t show at all, being in dark blue thread on dark blue fabric on the back and dark blue on really dark blue on the front. At this rate I’ll get it done in plenty of time to enter it in the show. I must remember it still needs a¬† two-part hanging pocket… and a label… and a statement of intent.

I wonder if I have the patience time to make a fully scrappy binding…?