Gallimaufry Line 1

OK, this is definitely the last one before we head off.

It’s Line 1, the top row. As I make more blocks, it’s more and more apparent that there will need to be some swapping around of blocks to balance the balance of lights and darks. I like this row a lot, but it throws Line 3 out a bit.

I’ve chosen a cool pale blue homespun for the backing and back sashing, and I think I may use dark blue front sashing to give a clean visual punctuation to each block. When I get back, I’ll cut the backing and batting squares so I’m ready to go once the front blocks are finished.

Here’s the lineup so far. Just two more rows to go!



Miz Lizzie Adventures: tiny sewing

Well, you didn’t think I’d get through an entire holiday without sewing, did you?

I’d packed Lilibet, the tiny sewing machine, my mini steam iron, a sleeve board for ironing on, my smallest cutting mat and ruler and a couple of bags of scraps. This morning, it was time to give it all a try.

80cm square instead of a whole room…

Lilibet, sadly, is a grumpy little princess of a sewing machine. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to rethread her today. There was no sign of this temper-amental behaviour at home, and I’m now wondering what her game is. On the other hand, it’s still faster than sewing by hand, so I’m just growling quietly at her instead of hurling her across the caravan. Also, if you only pay $99 for a sewing machine, you only get $99 of value, and I can’t expect the same level of performance as I get with my lovely and now much more appreciated Janome DC3018.

That iron is 6 inches long, and the handle folds down

The mini iron, on the other hand, has been brilliant! Perfect for small sewing like today’s work, and it has a powerful little steam boost if you press the button. It’s very small, very light, and it did sterling work without any complaint for several hours. I’ve brought a sleeve board with me, as opposed to a whole ironing board. It’s fine for the seams on an individual block, but if I ever want to press anything larger, I’ll have to rethink my strategy. I have the inkling of an idea already, but need to test the theory before I go public, but it involves creating a special heat-reflective pad to fit over the narrow bench you see in this photo.

I have ready one of the two blocks I’m planning for ScrapHappy in a week’s time. It’s due two days after we get home, so unless I do the work now, I’ll have nothing to show, shock horror!  You’ll have to wait till then to see them, but the more eagle-eyed among you may already have concluded that one of them will be purple!  I’ll finish the second one tomorrow, after our planned outing.

Where are we going?  To a water-buffalo farm, of course!  There’ll be cheese sampling, gelato sampling by the Husband and probably a few purchases of buffalo meats. Oh, and lunch in the café, naturally…