Bench Mat #2

And here is the second scrap-gobbler.

This one is long and skinny to fit the space in front of the coffee machine and kettle. It’s using up the last of the colourful binding fabric, the last of the grey and black print backing, and most of the larger light grey and white scraps. It also fits the space where I do most of my vegetable chopping and slicing, and has the added benefit of stopping the cutting mats and chopping board from walking around the bench top while I work.

I felt a bit bored by the idea of doing more wavy line walking foot quilting on this one. Now that I’ve done these freehand badly-done FMQ serpentines, I feel much less bored about walking foot quilting!  It reminded me exactly why I don’t enjoy FMQ…  Still, it’s not too disgusting and I’m certainly not going to pick it all out. If I ever mention FMQ again, remind me, would you?

Today is the Husband’s birthday. I whipped up a batch of carrot cake cupcakes, his favourite. They had an orange-flavoured drizzle glaze on top; I felt they needed something extra as it was a birthday, although they do taste very yummy without (well, I had to give them a taste-test, didn’t I?). We took Mouse for a lunchtime outing into town yesterday, and he got a rasher of bacon, delivered by hand in small pieces, while we demolished some very delicious chilli crab, scrambled egg, lime and sriracha hollandaise and toasted sourdough. He offered to help with the chilli crab too, but we pointed out that he has failed to enjoy stuff with chilli in it in the past… Tonight we’re eating out again at the Husband’s favourite restaurant.

The broken foot is still encased in the Boot. The fracture clinic told me it’d be six weeks before it was fully mended. Just under two down, four to go. I shall have to wait and see how long I can bear the Boot before I go completely bonkers. I have a strong suspicion that as soon as it stops hurting when I walk, this thing will come off, never to be seen again. After all, the reason crutches are off the menu is that they want me to load bear somewhat so that the bone grows in strongly. Of course I have to wear a sock and a sweaty plastic Boot in the hottest weather of the year so far (38°C/100°F yesterday). Of course it’s a different height from all my other footwear so I’m lurching around like a zombie and giving my back hell. But then again, it could have been so much worse… Blessings counted.

Onwards. I have a new quilt for another niece to think about 🙂

Bench mat #1

Remember I talked about this a while back?

Something scrappy to make an imperceptible dent in my scrap collection. The back is made from offcuts of the Days Gone By Quilt backing, as is the batting layer and the last scraps of binding.

It’s to protect the butcher block benchtop in the kitchen when I’m prepping the Husband’s lunch and snack kit for work. A steel Thermos of boiling water; two Thermos travel mugs of freshly-brewed hot coffee; one Thermos travel mug of hot home-made soup; fruit, cheese and nut mix. (And before you marvel at the quantity, he starts work at 4.30am and gets home at sometime after 5pm, with a mid-morning sandwich delivery to his truck door as it passes by the end of our road, and while I’m walking doggo.) It has finished at 26 x 17 inches (66 x 43cm). which is a good generous size.

So, this is the first – and larger – one, for when it’s all made and is sitting waiting on bench 2 to get packed into his snack bag, together with three water bottles. There’s a second, smaller mat in progress for bench 1, where I’m assembling everything in a slightly tighter space due to kettle, coffee machine, etc. Getting this lot assembled while I’m barely awake and in a short time requires consistency, method and a lack of interruptions and surprises. Doggo knows this and stays snoring on his bed. Husband knows this and concentrates on drinking his coffee and eating his breakfast. Interruptions or changes to the routine turn it from a tightly choreographed dance to a severe case of flapdoodle.

Up to now, I’ve used tea towels, but I want more padding and something the right size.

Hence another pair of scrap-gobblers. Mat #2 coming soon…

Another mixed bag

So, a couple different things to show you…

Yesterday, I went out for lunch. It doesn’t happen often these days, but up here in north Queensland we don’t seem to have any Covid-19 cases, so the sewing ladies of Days for Girls met to catch up on Christmas, the holidays and forthcoming events. Precautions were taken and distance maintained, barcodes were scanned, forms filled in and lunch orders were taken and arrived……… eventually.

It did take a long time for the food to arrive. But when it did, it was worth it.

Sourdough toast with a mountain of free range scrambled egg, mud crab and thinly sliced chilli on a bed of baby spinach, topped with sriracha hollandaise. A reverent silence was maintained.

This, plus the Dowager and Aunty Marion inviting themselves over for lunch today (and arriving at 10.30am!) chewed into my planned sewing time rather, but I did get this project finished in time to post about it today. It’s another Jocelyn Proust furnishing fabric, sold as a pair of 20 inch panels to make into a cushion cover. It was in the Spotlight remnant bin because someone had slipped with the cutting out and demolished part of the border. I love the colour scheme, and the birds are such fun!

And finally, the early stages of a future ScrapHappy project (but not tomorrow’s, I fear). I wanted a large bench mat for the kitchen. I currently use a tea towel for setting out the Husband’s work food supplies: Thermos flask of boiling water and two travel mugs of hot coffee, one of hot home-made soup; milk for future tea or coffee; a banana and two apples, sliced soft fruit or grapes; a bit of cheese and some trail mix. But I’d like something a bit more padded to protect the bench from hard edges and boiling water spills, so I’m going to make a large mat, 30 x 16 inches.

I’ll probably also make another, smaller one for assembling the packed supplies so he can put them in his bag quickly and efficiently. Anything to make things run more smoothly at 2.30am… I picked lots of pale and mid-grey scraps to stand out against the dark acacia butcher-block bench top, whilst at the same time being soothing and not to bright for scarcely-open sleepy eyes. Now all I have to do is press and trim them and start sewing.

Something completely different for ScrapHappy Day tomorrow, though!