Of a different stripe

A ‘tiger of a different stripe’ means ‘something completely different’.

From unpromising bits and pieces, leftovers ands scraps from many other projects (at least 7 of them), I’ve made something quite different: a ‘Tyger-cub’, a mini Tyger quilt!

Remember the remote-control holder I was making for my SIL?  It’s done. I designed a pocket, using all sorts of random domestic implements of the right diameter to ensure the largest pocket would fit the largest zapper (20cm around), and then made two more in decreasing sizes, to fit her photo. But first, I sandwiched and quilted it, using my favourite wavy lines in black.

I hauled a bit of black and white gingham out of my extensive scrap collection and made some quick narrow binding. A couple of peaceful hours hand stitching while I listened to a talking book were enough to get the job done. Thank you to the Husband for taking a minute to hold it up so I could photograph it 😊

The Husband delivered it this evening, on his way to work. Even as we speak, it’s housing her remote controls. One day soon, she’ll have a full-sized Tyger quilt to match!

I do love a quick finish.