Blue skies

 Good news this morning.

The MRI shows things haven’t got any worse in the last 6 months. The Little Bugger is still very little, is stable and – hurray! – I don’t need surgery, chemo or radiotherapy. Next MRI is in a year’s time unless I observe any changes.

I can’t tell you how much this has lightened my outlook 😀  I’ve been singing a whole new earworm ever since 10am.

I’m going to sleep very well tonight. Relief, the great sedative. Also, I want to look halfway decent tomorrow; the Husband and I are going out to a rather posh lunch to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.  Apparently 8 years is bronze or pottery, linen or lace.

I wonder if that means I can wangle a trip to the fabric shop….?


I’m dancin’, I’m groovin’, I’m smilin’ 🙂

Gone are the dark clouds…

The gloom has lifted, and it looks very much like we’re getting our new house after all. We both spent hours digging out papers, printing stuff out, putting together loads of financial information, and it’s been worth it. We have ‘in principle’ approval of a loan that’ll enable us to buy it without condemning us to a life of bread and water forever, and by the original settlement date. We just have to wait for a valuation and for full confirmation. And of course, for the funds to arrive in the bank….

Enjoy a classic, y’all: Jimmy Cliff: I can see clearly now




Words under pressure #22

We’re back, a day earlier than expected, but I couldn’t face another night away.

So teeth were gritted, pedal was pushed to metal, pillows were plumped, and off we set. Things were not good for several sections of the journey, and least of all when we finally got home. But everything is much better now.

Home at last

Here I lie,
clean, comfortable, clothed
in soft and waistless lawn
baby-scented, still…

Here lie I
like one laid neatly out
for the coffin-maker’s
invisible art.

All aligned:
head, shoulders, waist and hips
knees and ankles wide spaced
all ruler straight

But sideways!
My burning, punished spine
ratcheted ever tighter –
unloaded after

Days of bumps,
bangs, bends, by beds enforced
winds down like clockwork –
lies level at last.

On my side
nose gratefully buried
in softest old cotton, forehead
finally uncreased.