Storage baskets

I made some more.

I’d done some as a way to fill a bit of time and use up some leftover fabric from recycling the Husband’s work pants.  You can see them here. Well. It was easy, and turns out, a little bit addictive.

So I couldn’t help myself.

I now have 4 for the Husband and 4 for myself, different sizes. And of course, in more girly fabrics for me, because let’s face it, the Husband doesn’t want his undies in a splashy floral-lined basket, even if he is a very supportive quilting husband.

I don’t know if anyone’s interested in having a go, but the photo below shows all 4 sizes as patterns, with all the measurements clearly indicated so you can make your own. Seam allowance of a quarter inch is included. Click on the image if you need to enlarge.

And the process:

  • You need to cut 1 firm outer fabric, 1 lining fabric and 2 light/medium weight interfacings from the pattern piece. I tend to layer everything together, pin on the pattern and cut them all out at once for accuracy.
  • Fuse interfacing to both lining and outer fabric. Stitch up the side seams and press open. With the side seam facing you, squish the corner flat so the edges line up, side seam in the middle. Stitch. Repeat other side and with the lining.
  • Turn the outer fabric right side out. Place it inside the lining fabric shape, right side to right side. Line up the side seams and stitch all round the top, leaving a 4 inch gap.
  • Turn the outer fabric out through the gap, and then push the lining into the basket. Get everything lined up nicely, and press the top edge flat, including the open seam allowance of the opening. Topstitch 1/8 inch all round to close the opening.

Done. Simple, isn’t it? And the results are pretty cute and versatile. I’d recommend a noticeably heavier weight for the outer fabric, but if you want to use something like quilting cotton, then either very heavy interfacing or bag foam would be needed to allow them to hold their shape. It would be easy to add handles, or as in one of the earlier baskets, a pocket (especially if you’re recycling denim pants!).

Anyway, I’ve told myself to stop now. Other things need my attention.