$11R, and catching up with myself

I’ve been off the radar a lot, haven’t I?

Plenty of excellent reasons for that, but first, here’s the latest on the $11 Rainbow quilt. I have the last, and largest, seam still to go, and then the top is fully assembled.

I’ve been poking through my scraps, and I will be doing a scrappy binding, but nowhere near as fiddly as the scrappy strip I’ve done for the sashing. For one thing, it’d make the binding very lumpy, and for another, it would take forever. I need at least 270 inches of binding, and that is a very great deal of sewing together tiny snippets. Instead, I’ll still go scrappy but with much larger pieces in random colours, interspersed with 6 inch sections of the blue batiks I used for sashing on the reverse. 6 inches of batik, 6 inches of random. That’ll go a lot quicker. I’ve also taken the decision not to put this quilt into the Mackay Show, for reasons which will become apparent in a moment.

So, the catching up bit. The Husband and I took on the job of organising our motorbike club’s Annual National Rally here in Mackay in August this year: 50-80 riders and their partners, for a three day weekend, organising accommodation, meals, the rally dinner, rides and route maps, catering and entertainment. The hope was that we’d get volunteer help from other members, and plenty of advice and assistance from higher up the club food chain. Neither of these has materialised. Add to this the fact that the Husband works shifts of tremendously long hours, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out who gets to do a lot of the organising.

I’ve also been summoned for jury service in the very week when the Mackay Show is on, and if I can’t go to the show I don’t see the point of submitting a quilt. It’s not as if I’m expecting to win anything with this quilt, so I’ll just finish it as time allows, and take some pressure off myself. What’s chiefly annoying me about jury service is that it’s the 4th time I’ve been summoned in as many years, while the Husband has served only once in his life 😦

And finally, more health fun. Half a year ago I had my coeliac disease diagnosis reversed after 10 years. Well fine, but what was causing the symptoms? Much testing-misery later, I’ve been told to see an Accredited Dietitian and adopt a low-FODMAP diet, as I may have an unusual form of IBS. Eating gluten-free as a coeliac was challenging enough, but this is a whole new ballgame. Thank heavens for the app developed by Monash University, who conducted the original research and have extensively tested the resulting IBS-resolving diet over the past 20 years. I’m slowly working my way through all the nasties that may be causing the problem. It’s dull, but at least I’m not feeling permanently unwell any more. And one day, I’m promised that I’ll be able to eat more normally and things will have settled down for good.

So that’s me all caught up, and hopefully explains why it’s been so quiet in Chiconia recently.