Sea Glass #13: breaking the border

It sounds so much worse, “over 2,300 square inches still to be quilted”.

But of course, if you break it down into sections, everything is suddenly much easier. Each of the Sea Glass borders consists of 2 sixteen patch corner posts, 8 inches square, a centre post the same size, and two long strips in between. Eight squares, eight long strips. I like those numbers much better.

So if you quilt three squares and two long strips, you’ve done just over a quarter of the border. Sounds a lot better like that, doesn’t it? Or is that just me? It certainly seemed to work in practice too.

I have two of the three sides done already. Three more days will hopefully see it done, and then I can start thinking about the binding. You know, the fun stuff: what colour, 2½ inch or 2¼ inch binding strips, sewing on the strips, and then my very favouritest part. The hand stitching. No, actually, I’m not in the least bonkers. I love hand stitching – or why else would I have just hand quilted 6,400² inches of quilt? (More of those scary numbers…) Most of the time I have a deadline and cannot afford the luxury of leisurely and lengthy stitching, but this quilt doesn’t have a due date, so I can indulge myself.

You know what? I didn’t draw blood from my sewing thumb or middle finger once, a bit of a record. Normally I drive the eye end of the needle into one and/or the other multiple times when I hit a bit with lots of seams. Of course, I don’t count the needle sticks in the underneath hand… They’re almost obligatory for hand quilters, but you do have to watch out for blood spots, or as I prefer to call it, DNA quilt marking.

So, two more sides to go, and the more I do, the faster I quilt. The template I made will be well and truly knackered by that time, it’s only paper with punched slots for marking through, but so long as it holds out till the end I’m not worried. And it’d be great if the white ceramic leads for my quilt marker would last till then too, but I’m not 100% confident of that.

Time to turn the quilt and start the next side.