Colours of Happiness #16: completed

I got the binding finished and the label attached last night.

That’s a fair bit quicker than usual, but two things were in my favour: the quilt is not huge, and the Husband was on night shift, so I had the evening to myself to power through. After yesterday’s post went up, I made the binding and had it ready to go. While the Husband was getting his afternoon sleep before starting work, I got it all attached and made the label. So all I had to do was fold over the binding and stitch it down, and finally, attach the label.

There was sun this morning (no big surprise there, no rain in sight yet…) so I hung it on the line for the traditional photos. As always happens when I hang a quilt up to take photos, the wind immediately came up and started whirling the clothes line around, making it rather hard to get a straight, in-focus shot… This is the best of a bad bunch, and even so, there are blurry areas on both of them. Never mind, at least I have a record. (And do you see how dry the grass is, and the bare earth showing through? Please, rain….)

So, a fond farewell to Colours of Happiness. There’s a long list of jobs waiting for my attention, so I’ll do the usual tidy up in the sewing room and then decide what’s next.

You’ll just have to wait and see…