Colours of Happiness #3

I have the bit between my teeth now…

You know how it is when a project seizes your imagination and you just have to work on it, although other things rightfully have far more priority? Yup. This is one of those…

Today I went from 8 tidy stacks of HST blocks to this.

Then this, and this

Then this

And this is where I’ve stopped for the day, and what is still left to do on the centre starburst.

It’s coming along really well, and I’m very happy with it. All the seams and points match up (so far, anyway), all the edges align. All that extra finicking about with trimming, rulers and cutters has paid off. Oh, and my brand spanking new quarter-inch sewing machine foot, bought in Townsville on our recent trip, has made a big difference in achieving consistency. The guide on the old one was bent, and a quarter inch was anyone’s guess.

So, I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy the colours. You won’t be seeing this for a couple of days as I have end-of-month posts to put up, so look out for a big change next time.

I have spots of purple, blue and cyan dancing before my eyes from staring so long at orange, yellow and pink 🙂