Sew…. what next?

It’s a tricky question.

Most of the time, I have a deadline, or something’s screaming louder than the rest to be worked on. Now that Scinteallate is done and dusted and F2F isn’t going to restart for a few months more, I have the luxury of picking and choosing. These are the choices:

The Hatbox Quilt
F2F3: Amethyst and Slate
The Pastel Scrappy Quilt
Anemone (hand sewing; properly speaking, a ScrapHappy item)

Actually, when it came down to it, the choice wasn’t so tricky. It’s going to be the Hatbox Quilt. It’s the furthest along, fully quilted, and all I need to do is assemble it. The others all need lots more work before they’re near that point, especially Anemone.

So, here’s the thing. I was thinking I might like the idea of a wider sashing, to look like shelves. I have a pretty blue chambray style soft shot cotton with a hint of lilac in the colour for the sashing, and it works well against all the fabrics. But using wider sashing would make it trickier to line things up, and will definitely involve lots of fiddling about beforehand, to ensure the blocks finish at the same size, without cutting off the backing and batting I’d need to fill the sashing space. On the other side of the coin, I can do the narrow sashing in my sleep. So, in the interests of finally finishing this project, which has now been running since the beginning April 2016 (gasp!), I’m going with my normal sashing width.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed I’ve swapped a fair number of blocks around since the last time I showed them all together in the photo on the left, which was before I started the hand quilting in August 2017. I did the squinting thing, and it looked OK, but when I turned the wrong end of the binoculars on it, several dark and light patches leaped out and needed to be sorted out. Then I discovered things had the same edging on the lid of the hatbox or there was a clump of the same backgrounds, so further tweaking was needed. I think we’re OK now, but if you spot something, let me know.

So, I’m off to the ironing board and cutting table to get the sashing strips ready.