Tyger Eight

Aaaaand, I think we’re there.

Yesterday, you saw my ScrapHappy post about the block options I made to solve my ‘need an extra row’ dilemma. There were five iterations in the end: I just couldn’t seem to achieve a final layout that pleased my eye and my brain’s need for visual order.

You can see the four earlier ones here. All variants using the same 5 scrappy blocks, just arranged differently. Nice… but not right.

And then I did the hard stuff, and poked about and pieced and got two more rail fence blocks together.

I had to introduce an entirely new (if nicely blending) fabric to have enough, and you can’t see just how many seams it took, but they’re fine, and they do the job, and the final layout below is working for me at last.

The black and white blocks have been booted to the kerb. They’ll make a nice cushion cover if I ever get that far. Or they can go into my orphan blocks box against the time when I feel the urge to make another scrappy rainbow quilt. I’m happy with the two light and one darker orange scrappy blocks that have made the grade. They add to the overall effect rather than distract from it, as the b&w blocks did.



The new portrait proportion feels so much more comfortable, less like it’s been chopped off at the knees!  And the final block arrangement? To me, it goes to show that even if you’re good at visualising colour (which I think I am), sometimes a test piece or colour sample is very valuable to show how things will work in glorious colour as opposed to a pencil drawing!

And now it’s time to start assembling.