Finish 3 of 2020

Not crochet, you may be glad to know…

A while back, I wrote about making a porch swing from an old seat. At the time, I had every intention of getting straight on with re-covering the cushions and making everything lovely out there. But like so many good intentions, it failed to materialise. The porch was cluttered with my huge table, leaving not much space. I was de-motivated…

Then, yesterday, we moved the big table back inside, to the sewing room, where it is now extremely handy. Out went the small table I’d been (not) using as a desk. It’s just large enough for 6 people to eat around, which is the usual number of small family gatherings. I rearranged furniture. It looked nice, but the cushions on the swing were decidedly tatty. Enter my budget makeover. Towards the end of last year, I’d gone shopping in BigW (think Target, if you’re in the US) and spotted this:

I loved the dark green and white tropical print, but not for my bed. For the porch swing! The quilt cover and two pillowcases cost the astronomical sum of $9.

I chopped the end off the two pillowcases to make squares, serged the seams and behold! Two cushion covers. I chopped either side and the top off the duvet cover (saving the press studs along the bottom edge), serged the seams and voilà! Seat cover! I had enough fabric over (and more) to make a tablecloth. I think this must be the best, cheapest (and perhaps quickest) budget makeover I’ve ever done. I’m still wondering what to make with the quite generous pieces I have left…

And it’s (start and) Finish No. 3.

Just hanging around

Not to suggest that I’ve been idle, of course.

But certain jobs have been put off for months simply because they weren’t vital to comfort, usefulness or safety around the house. And they’re the sort of jobs that, once done, make you ask yourself why you waited so long.

I’m talking about hanging things. Mirrors, prints, paintings, hooks… and my porch swing.

We’ve put up 4 mirrors and 4 pictures. I won’t show you those, as you can all live without such intimate details of my life, but the porch swing is up, swinging, and it’s bliss…. Just high enough that both the Husband and I can swing with our feet off the ground at least part of the time. Given the discrepancy in our heights, some experimentation was needed.

With the Husband still off work while his post-flu chest infection mends, today was the day. The sun’s shining, it’s a fresh and sunny 21°C/70°F, all the doors and windows are open, and it was a perfect day to hang about on the back deck, hanging stuff. I’d bought the chains and hooks we needed months ago. I’d fought for the seat and its hanger to be saved from the rubbish dump when the frame was discarded as too rusty to salvage. I knew where I wanted it. The job took 15 minutes. And now, I’m totally vindicated it is agreed that the seat works very well in its new role 🙂

It’s not as pretty as a traditional wooden one, but neither is it as bulky. I need to sand and rust treat it, and give it a coat of paint. The old brown/beige cushions, while weatherproof, are a bit battered and stained, so I’m thinking new covers… some time. I was thinking a glossy black paint and colourful tropical cushions. Or do you think white with gingham, or maybe green and a leaf print? Thoughts, please!

I’ve also dug out and untangled a long string of solar fairy lights intended for the back deck too, but I think I’ll hang fire about putting that up till another day.

It’s nice seeing old friends come out of storage.