Not too strenuous…

I am under orders.

No bending or heavy lifting (over 5kg/10 pounds), no exercise over a gentle stroll, no hot drinks, no nose blowing.

Well, that’s the housework neatly disposed of. What am I supposed to do with my time while I wait for my newly re-cauterised nose to heal?

(And let me just say while I’m at it that both the procedure and the recovery hurt. A punch in the face is perhaps a tad nastier, but not much, and I have a slight black eye and swollen bit beside my nose. He cauterised three more spots and said if it broke open again, surgery will be the only option. So I’d better not let it break open. Quite apart from all the laundry my nosebleeds generate, I just don’t want yet another surgery).

Well, obviously, making scrappy stuff for the Days for Girls raffle. It’s gentle, no heavy lifting involved, and while I mourn the lack of cups of coffee while I work, I’ll struggle through somehow…

So, for my latest offering, I bring you:

A set of 6 placemats, made from remnants and leftovers from the Twilight quilt.

A heat pad, made from leftovers from a top I made myself and a scrap from the Hatbox Quilt

There are 5 more mats/heat pads in the pipeline, and then I shall probably take a small break before launching into bag production.

I’m getting a bit bored. But bored is better than bleeding.