Little Lizzie

We got all of the last two weeks’ worth of mail today.

The best bit was the box with a UK postmark and stamps, from the kind and lovely Margaret of The Crafty Creek. Inside was Little Lizzie, a caravan-shaped pincushion she’d made especially for me – here’s her own post about making it.

Just look at the tiny embroidered Miz Lizzie name plate on the back! And those gorgeous huge blue buttons for her wheels, how inspired is that! I’ve already given her a load of pins, a brand new tape measure and my embroidery needle threader. Margaret thoughtfully sent me a tiny pair of blue floral scissors to match which are perfect! I took my embroidery scissors last time, and kept losing them down the side of seats, on the ground under my chair, in the depth of my work bag, and so on. This way, the scissors have a handy and permanent home right where I need them.

Margaret, you’re such a kind and creative lady, and I’m so very grateful! The best thing is that the pincushion fits exactly in the throat of Lilibet the Grumpy, my little caravan sewing machine, so it can be safely stowed away in my handwork locker while we’re travelling. Such a great idea to have everything in one place… Do go over to Margaret’s blog and take a look. Her quilting work is beautiful, her dressmaking is skilful, and her embroidery is exquisite.

Meanwhile, Little Lizzie’s sitting on the work table beside my chair so I can admire and pet her for a while longer 🙂



Filling the gap

My friend Jen is rediscovering the gentle art of sewing.

She’s a busy London woman, with a stressful life, and to me, sewing seems like the ideal antidote to the nonsense she has to put up with in her daily life. For her last birthday she was delighted to receive from her thoughtful husband a sewing machine and lots of sewing accessories. Being Jen, she’s fully tooled up. Except for one thing.

She doesn’t have a pincushion. Oh.My.Lord. What a terrible omission!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 4.12.51 pmSo naturally, I’ve had to make her one. And she’s a bit of a one for the moodier end of the colour spectrum, so I’ve made it easy to find amongst dark fabrics… I even had some co-ordinating flower head pins to start her off. I don’t think they make pins with tiny skulls, swallows, roses and tumbling dice on the ends, so these’ll have to do. Sorry about that, missus.

In case you’re interested, it’s made from two 10″ squares and one 5″ square, three buttons and a bit of polyester fibrefill. And thank you to Granny Maud’s Girl, for the original inspiration!

Time well spent, putting a smile on the dial of a friend.