Languid Lounging, part 4

Don’t worry, I’m not going to carry on indefinitely…

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 6.54.32 PM

Now we are two… One more to go.

Here’s the latest. One more, and then I’m calling it a day. They look so nice and clean and crisp and pretty.  Why didn’t I do this years ago?

Today has been a very, very good day. Rather than waiting till the morning to post, I wanted to give some good news. Behind all the frantic stitchery, I’ve been waiting to hear whether the cancer I beat two years ago had snuck back up on me. Today, I found out that the Little Bastard, as I fondly named it at the time, is still beaten. The numerous shadows seen on my recent bone scan are merely my ever encroaching arthritis, the special new hotspot being one of the vertebrae in my neck. But you know what, I just don’t care. Arthritis is not a death sentence, and I’ve lived with it for a few years already. So to all of you out there who knew there was something up, to those who knew what the something was, and to anybody who took the trouble to send positive thoughts my way, a profound and heartfelt THANK YOU♥. There’s still a bit of a medical journey to go, surgery next week, an MRI at the beginning of December, the possibility of more surgery, but I’ve always maintained that surgery is just falling asleep with painful consequences! Now I know what the job is, I know I can tackle it. And thanks to you all out there, I know I’m not doing it alone.

Now, back to business as usual!

Languid Lounging, part 3

The first one’s done!

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 7.12.21 PM

Look at that perky little pillow!

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 7.12.40 PM

Tidy zipper 🙂 If it hadn’t gone in well, I wouldn’t have shown it!

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 7.13.25 PM

Simple close quilting, but it looks good and gives the front much needed body

The shot cotton on the back looks gorgeous, I’m so happy to have an excuse to look at that every day. I’m also pleased with the way the quilted front makes it hold its shape better than just floppy fabric, and the quilting just adds an extra dimension of cushiness.

The lovely Nanette is also going to be making some nice new pillows for her sofa soon, and it was her excellent suggestion that we have a CushAlong.  It’s a great idea, and a good forum for swapping ideas, hints and tips and encouraging each other. And it’s a well known fact, of course, that one can never have too many cushions/pillows, whatever you call them. The cushions can be patchwork, wholecloth, crochet, knitting, embroidery or whatever takes your fancy. If you’d like to join in, let me know, grab the logo below for your post, and we’ll fix a date for Show and Tell to display the resulting Cushes… Otherwise she and I will contentedly crank out some much needed loveliness for our lounging spots by our own selves…

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 1.01.26 AM

You can show a previously made cushion/pillow, but it’ll be more fun if you start from scratch, so we can see how you got there.

Right, I’m off  to start the next one. This is fun!

Languid Lounging, part 2

I got stuck into this one straight away.

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 10.43.03 PM

Using my favourite trick for sewing the HSTs takes all the guesswork and margin for error out of the process.

It’s going to be some squares, some half square triangles, finished block size 4″, 4 rows of 4 to give a 16″ square pillow. Mainly because that’s the size of pillow insert I’ve got… But I prefer a small, plump pillow to a big one. The larger ones are either too well stuffed and rather firm, or under stuffed and too floppy. I’m going to be spending a bit of quality time on the sofa, and I want it comfy…

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 10.43.31 PM

Lining up the pattern was a total accident, for which I claim no credit!

I’ve had this fabric selection for some time; I love the combination of black, white, grey and acid lime, and I have remnants of the olive/lime shot cotton I used for the back of Broken Bottles for the backs of these pillows. I’m going to do a very simple back, no fancy hidden zippers or envelope backs. A zipper straight across the centre back, with a placket to cover the teeth. The only fancy bit is that the zipper is grey to match the front fabrics, instead of the olive/lime fabric. A bit silly, perhaps, considering it’s going to be hidden, but I like hidden details.

I’m going to quilt the fronts, which will help to give the pillow body. I think there’s going to be enough fabric for 3 or 4 of them, so each pillow is going to have a different front layout and quilting design.  They’re small, so I can get fancy on that bit. Machine quilting, though, I want to be using them very soon!

Any useful scraps will probably get turned into a set of matching mug coasters. Big bits will get returned to the stash. Did I say before how much I love these fabrics – especially the grey spot and the lime HST design?

It’s such a luxury having a cutting table that’s just for cutting…. No clearing away all the time.

Languid Lounging, part 1

Yes, OK, I don’t do languid much, being a person more on my feet than off them, on the whole.

But I like alliteration, and my sofa, or lounge, is the subject of this post. It’s 10 years old. It’s seen a lot of life and a lot of change. It’s held up nicely, and the cushions come up beautifully every time I wash them. Thank you, Ikea.  But the pillows that came with this lovely thing are now, well, tragic is too strong, but they’re sad, floppy, shapeless and incapable of doing a job of supporting one’s back. Which is the point of pillows, isn’t it?

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 1.51.18 PM

They look like those Shar Pei dogs with the big wrinkles all over their faces

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 1.51.50 PMI’m currently groping around for distracting activities. Sewing is high on the list as it doesn’t involve much hobbling on my painful hip. And I’m fed up with those flabby pillows. So it’s time to act!

I have everything I need: fabrics, batting, lining, backing, zips.  Away we go.