Hand-stitched heaven

Nothing at all ominous about my sudden silence 🙂

Quite to the contrary. I’ve been labouring away at some lovely hand-stitching. Carla at Granny Maud’s Girl has designed an EPP pattern for a beautiful cushion (pillow) cover, and asked if I’d look it over to assess the instructions. I loved it so much I had to actually make it up! I dearly love a bit of EPP, and normally I do it in a leisurely and intermittent fashion.

This was different, since I wanted to give Carla feedback as quickly as possible, so she can finalise the pattern. It isn’t launched yet, so I’m not showing you the whole thing, but this should give you an idea.

Now I just have to add batting and a backing and I can quilt it. After that, I’ll assemble the cushion, and it will go to my sister to join the Bonnard quilt I’m making for her – I’m sure you recognised the scraps!

If you love this as much as I do, hop over to Carla’s blog and maybe leave her a comment or drop her an email to express interest. She hasn’t posted it yet, but I’m sure she will soon.

I’m sure some interest will help her get it finished 🙂


Venice is beautiful at this time of year….

… or so I’m told.

Venice testCertainly, Esther’s new pattern by that name is! I have spent a few happy and busy hours over the last couple of days assembling this gorgeous star. If you’re in the F2F block swap, you’ll recognise my colour scheme for when it’s my turn next year, and indeed, this beauty is going to be one of my own blocks for the quilt that will eventually be assembled. I think it looks like a beautiful wrought iron sunflower…

There’s a bunch of us testing the pattern, and the results will be collated and incorporated into the instructions in the next week or so.  After that, the pattern will be available in Esther’s Craftsy shop, so if you like the look of it, go and check it out. She has made some really beautiful versions of it herself.

And on with the next paper piecing project! For the three F2F blocks I’ll be making, you’ll have to look in the F2F gallery some time next week; I won’t be posting about them in case Christina, our Miss December, wants to maintain the surprise.

Have a lovely day!

Boxing Clever

A while ago, Lynn of Tialys asked if I’d test a pattern for her.

It was for a rather gorgeous hexagonal sewing box, with a separate lid and sides that dropped open to reveal the contents. So I jumped at it. I made a good start, but then it had to be put aside while all sorts of other things intervened.


Detail of lid band Sides 1 Sides 2 Interior empty Interior filledBut at last I’ve finished it. And it’s fabulous.

For the most part, the pattern and instructions were clear and pretty foolproof. In a couple of places I made silly mistakes, partly due to my own idiocy, and partly because Lynn is so experienced at making these things that she has built-in knowledge of how they go together, and the instructions need a little more detail.

She’s had two of us testing, so hopefully this has produced a definitive set of instructions and a refinement of the pattern. It didn’t require any unusual skills, just the ability to wield a pair of scissors and a pencil, a glue stick and a bottle of fabric glue, and finally, a bit of hand stitching.

The outer fabric is from Amy Butler’s Cameo collection for Westminster Fibers, the design called Josephine’s Bouquet in the dark grey and pink colourway. The lining fabric is an anonymous freebie from a while ago, and there was no selvedge to help me identify it.

So if you fancy one of these lovelies for yourself, hop over to Tialys and take a look in her online shop. She’s told me that if you quote BOXCLEVER, you will receive a $2 discount. I promise you won’t be disappointed.