Scrappy solution

Our coffee machine gets a lot of use.

I move it backwards and forwards on the bench several times a day, filling the reservoir with water and the drip filter with freshly ground coffee. I hadn’t fully appreciated that the coffee machine didn’t have the usual little rubber feet…. My new (well, year-old) butcher block bench is scratched 😦 Click on the photo and you’ll see what I mean.

I discovered this when I was clearing the benchtops off to re-wax them. They’re looking a little dry and thirsty. I use a food-safe wood wax with lemon oil in it, which produces a nice sheen and a good smell when you buff it up. Anyway, I saw these scratches and I realised I had to do something about the machine as well as fix the bench.

Look, you know what’s coming, don’t you?  I am a quilter, after all.

Yup. It’s a monster grown-up mug-rug for the coffee machine. I went rummaging in my scraps and discovered these four strips sets, left over from when I made extra blocks for the Heaven for Beginners quilt. Perfect. I made a backing from fabric left over from a quilt I made 10 years ago. I sandwiched, and wiggle-quilted, and bound with more leftovers from Heaven for Beginners, this time from the joining strips for the back. The folded strip was exactly the right size to make a nice skinny binding.

The whole thing took me an hour, including hand-stitching the binding down on the back.

By the way, do you see the tile and paint chip in the background? Coming soon to this kitchen. The tile is only one of 6 or 7 grey and white designs in the pack of 35, and I have two packs to do the splashback all round, so it’s going to be a proper ‘sampler quilt’ effect. The paint colour is one I love, it’s a Dulux colour called ‘Geyser’, and will go on the walls above the splashback, and on the recycled cupboards which currently have brown fake wood-effect doors. The new white cupboard doors will stay white. It’s been a while since I did any renovation. Time to get things moving again!

Anyway, scratching… sorted.