Reno #11: man-eating cupboard and hungry ceiling-monster

Well, how else would you caption these two photos?

It’s the lovely Keith the Plumber, connecting up the gas hob

…and Greg the Electrician trying to locate a wire.

It was a big day today. All the lights and power points are now sorted out, and the kitchen is as bright as day with 6 ceiling (can) lights. The bathroom is completed and has the new shower head, taps, loo and fan/heat/light unit fitted as well as a tiny night light with two bulbs the size of wheat grains for those times when you stumble in to use the place but don’t want to wake up properly! The dishwasher is fitted and working. I’ve packed and unpacked three large boxes of books and DVDs, two 80L/20 gallon tubs of sewing stuff and two large boxes of table linen and crockery. I’ve swept, vacuumed, wiped and dusted, sorted plastic and cardboard waste and sorted cupboard contents to determine what to keep and what to give away…

Yes, I am wreckage. The Husband has laboured hard today as well, and we are sprawled side by side in our chairs wearing zombie expressions and wondering if we can summon the energy to conjure up a cup of tea and a large pile of buttered raisin toast. At least, that’s what I’m wondering and I shouldn’t be at all surprised if his mind is running on similar lines.

And finally, for all those who requested video evidence of geriatric ballerina action: this is as good as it’s going to get. Me doing first position on the new bathroom floor, with rags on my feet. Seriously, I couldn’t to it to you all, you might have ruptured something laughing too hard.

And now, tea and raisin toast, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a little snooze in there too.