Ovarian Cancer: The Teal Haul #1

Some people are just SO kind.

A regular contributor was not able to spare any time for making blocks for the latest Ovarian Cancer quilt. Instead, she got online and sent me a gift voucher for Spotlight (think: Joann’s, the Hobby Lobby and your local quilt shop combined). She’s in Europe, and the amount she sent me represents a certain amount of fabric to her, but here, it buys a whole lot more!

Now, I have teal fabrics, but they’re a bit monochromatic in the sense that the values of the fabric colours are all very similar. And to make an interesting quilt, you need variation. So I made a point of buying fabrics which were a little darker, some of them rather teal-adjacent. I’ve also made a point of including colour, specifically the pink which is the wild card in this year’s Ovarian Cancer quilt.

So, there’s 4.5 metres of yardage, 10 fat quarters and a mini charm-pack. Enough for several quilts if combined with what I already have! I could have used the gift card exclusively to buy backing, but this way, I have the ability to make a much more interesting quilt, and I’ve still only used half the value of the gift card. So I can still buy enough backing for two more quilts.

And if you’re contributing, and debating what fabrics to buy, use this as inspiration to be a little playful, a little adventurous. The theme is very forgiving and a little extra colour is OK.

Thank you, E. I’m so very grateful!