The eyes have it

Sorry about the radio silence, me hearties

I’ve had an eye infection that has stopped me reading or using the computer much, a lovely little staph infection in my eyelid that kept on draining painfully into my eye, made it swell up horribly, and needed topical antibiotics to beat it into submission. I’ve had to strenuously avoid the temptation to lurch around doing bad pirate impressions. Well, fairly strenuously. I did let a few “Ahrr hahrr, maties” slip. Weeeelll, you’ve got to make the best of things like that, haven’t you? Perfect excuse, and all that.

It’s finally on the mend. Maybe now I can finish the Opal quilt and make a block or two for Parterre (yes, I did miss the BM&I post at the end of the month…).

I have something shiny and new planned for the next 10 months or so. Not exclusively, but I have an end date to work towards. But first, I need to spend some quality time with pencil and paper. More about that soon.

Good job I can see what I’m doing once again….

90° thinking…

I’ve been a bit unsettled in my mind the last couple of days.

Not without reason, I’d stipulate. Losing months of work is one cause. The dog behaving as if I’d started maltreating him because I had to take him to the vet for his annual shots is another. Thinking out a big forthcoming project is a third.

So I slowly started assembling the Opal scrappy quilt. It looks lovely. The lilacy-blue sashing works particularly well. The top half is almost done, one seam to go. I was just sitting there a bit vacantly staring at it, when the whole thing just rotated 90° in my head, the two halves side by side. Like this:

And there it was, a potential solution. Let me explain.

Ever since we moved into this house, I’ve been looking for the perfect thing, or things, to hang on the wall above our bed. There is one obstacle, which is a wall light bang slap in the middle of the space, or I’d have whipped a quilt up there pronto. There is also – now – a solution.

I will finish Opal in two halves, and hang the two quilts on the wall above the bed, one on either side of the wall light. The height from the top of the bedhead to the ceiling is almost exactly right, and they will stick out a little on either side, which I don’t mind. They will look great with my hexie quilt on the bed, and against the very soft pale green of the wall. What do you think? I love the idea!

I feel much better now.

I’ve started sewing together a new piece for Days Gone By. The dog can just get over it: he’s had a cheesy treat and two bones, and that’s all that he’s going to blackmail out of me with the mournful, reproachful looks. And I have just had a brainwave about dealing with the Big Project I have coming up.

Things are looking up!

By the way, there has been no news, no calls and no joy at the police station about the missing DGB hexie quilt. So I’ve said goodbye to it, and am moving on. If it turns up, I’ll be stunned and overjoyed, but I don’t expect it. Thanks to all of you for your good ideas, suggestions and great support.