Stitch Along: Sitting this one out

Slow-Sign-300x300Most of you know I’m facing a deadline on one of my other projects.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.55.10 am

This is where we were last time. It looks exactly the same, except for a single line of stitches along the bottom left side…

Which means that progress on Kowhaiwhai has been extremely slow. Non-existent, to be strictly accurate. I’ve done exactly 52 stitches on it. One line across the width of the other half. Definitely not interesting to look at. So this month I’m sitting out, but that’s no reason not to post the links to everyone else’s stitch along projects – not everyone has my deadline issues and you should nip over to their blogs and see some lovely work!

Please remember that my post goes up first because of the time zone difference – we’re between 9 and 18 hours ahead of many fellow bloggers around the world. Wait a while before you go looking at the others…

Here we go:

Avis at

Claire at

Gun at

Carole at

Alison at

Jule at

Elizabeth at

Wendy at

Lucy at