The Travels of Mouse, Part 3

I’m really very busy, but have found a few minutes to let you know what we’re up to.

The Staff have set Miz Lizzie the caravan up very nicely and have finally put up my privacy enclosure to keep the uninvited out.  Behold Le Salon de Mouse, where I receive visitors, have long interesting talks with Mum about food and walkies and what she and Dad laughingly call ‘their’ plans for the next day. It makes a nice change from inside, where Dad grumbles that I’m in his way; surely he realises that everything is mine and he is only there to serve Me? You really can’t get the Staff these days, but I shall have to struggle on with what I have…

Yesterday we went up the mountain to Dorrigo to visit Mum’s sister and her husband. They have a very nice house which I gave a thorough sniffing, but the back yard is best – they have chickens! I did not chase them, I’m far too well behaved for that, but I did follow them about a little bit, and I inspected their enclosure to ensure there was no unauthorised rodent activity. I also checked the boundaries, had some nice zoomies around the grass and then lay on my quilt in the sun next to the woodpile. They have this cunning winch arrangement for getting the wood upstairs to the house, and it would have been fun to ride up in the wood box, but no-one paid any attention to my suggestion.

I have been ensuring the Staff get plenty of exercise; with enormous self-sacrifice, I am taking them for walkies several times a day when clearly I’d prefer to snooze in the sun, but I need to ensure that they stay fit and healthy. Today we are doing something different; we are going into Coffs Harbour and hope to meet up with Aunty Dale and Uncle Wayne and Diesel Dog for coffee (and possibly a sneaky puppacino), if they have time. Tomorrow, I believe we’re going to something called a Car Boot Sale, which is strangely not somewhere that you buy car boots, but where you buy unwanted stuff that people have brought in their car boots (trunks for my US readers). It sounds as if there will be lots of sniffing opportunities, and perhaps some other dogs to say hello to, as it’s being held at Macksville Showgrounds, a 20 minute drive away.

Mum and Dad are in a high state of excitement because this weekend sees a big social event. First, on Saturday afternoon and evening a number of friends are arriving. Firstly, Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan, all the way from Melbourne, then 4 or 5 others who belong to the same motorbike club as Mum and Dad, and who will be staying here at the White Albatross too. I expect there’ll be a potluck dinner of some sort on Saturday evening (better keep a sharp lookout for snacking opportunities), and then on Sunday morning we’ll head off in cars and on bikes down to South West Rocks. It’s a nice drive we reconnoitred the other day. The plan is to hold an RTE (ride to eat) at a café called Malt & Honey, which welcomes dogs and allows humans too. Mum says the Eggs Benedict looks lavish, and she’s already chosen what she’s going to eat! I expect there will be lots of talking. I shall snooze until I feel the humans need to take some exercise…

Well, all this writing is zorsting and I must catch up on my beauty sleep. I’ll write you some more after the RTE, I expect there will be plenty of photos.

Toodles for now.



Mouse’s Holiday part 2: Dolce far niente

Or, ’tis sweet to be idle.

So far, it’s been a pretty restful holiday.

We’ve sat and enjoyed the sun going down over the lagoon, along with many others who bring chairs and an early evening drink along to take what pleasure they can from the spectacular colour that distant bushfire smoke lends to the sunset.

The dog beach has been wildly popular – with me as much as with Mouse. I do love to watch all the happy doggos madly dashing about and playing with the brisk surf you get on this coast.

I also like the mini spa treatment for my feet; all the rough skin polished off by the silica-rich sand, the massage of the salty water reducing swollen ankles and cooling hot feet, all that ozone-dense air…

The V-Wall walk is an enduring pleasure. It runs between the lagoon and the sea. The water is deep teal shading to bright turquoise as it runs over a sandbank and past a small bird-inhabited island. I can’t tell you why it’s called the V-Wall, but you can see from the photo that the rocks from which it’s constructed are the site of numerous decorations, memorials, paintings and “I was here” daubs. These are permitted and even encouraged, so long as you don’t deface anyone else’s work.  It makes a colourful effect and an interesting read; there are contributions from locals and distant travellers alike.

Mouse is having a great holiday. He gets his first run of the morning just before his 6am breakfast, another longer walk mid morning and several shorter walks throughout the day. We are planning a folding wire dog enclosure for under the caravan awning so he can sit outside with us without needing to be tied up – he’s so fast that if he took off after a doggy friend we’d never catch him, so his 8ft lead is vital. But it would be much nicer if he could move around freely. Having said that, he spends a lot of quality time on his bed in the caravan “tolly zorsted”.

We visited my sister and BIL in Dorrigo the other day; I haven’t been down this way for well over a year and it was past time. I absolutely love the road inland from the coastal highway, and the point at which I can start to see my dearly missed mountains is always a favourite. Up there is my chiefest happy place… And of course, family and friends I don’t get to see often.

And then home again to Miz Lizzie. We debated having dinner at the V-Wall Tavern, just outside the gates of the caravan park, and overlooking the bay. Its outdoor seating area is dog-friendly and the menu is very tasty.

But then Mouse made it clear he wanted his dinner first, and we realised the setting sun would be in our eyes. Perhaps lunch today, instead?

We had a lazy day yesterday. By which I mean I cleaned up the caravan, did the laundry, made meals, etc, but I also sat outside for several hours and stitched hexies for my ScrapHappy piece, and finished one book and started another. Another day like that today, I think, and then on Thursday we have a social day, seeing friends in both morning and evening.

It’s good to slow down and take it easy sometimes….