Mend it Monday #8

An idea devised by The Snail of Happiness

Oh joy, another pair of the Husband’s work pants to repair…

I think we can justifiably call this an Heroic Repair, don’t you?  There are already two patches in place from previous incidents, and he really did a number on them this time.

However, despite biting the bullet and buying not one but three new pairs, these are still among his favourites. They’re soft, comfortable and lightweight. So pleeeeease would I mend them. Again.

Oh, very well…

OK, Heroic Mend complete.

That’s better.

Mend it Monday #7

An idea devised by The Snail of Happiness

Oh joy, not one but three pairs of the Husband’s work pants to repair…

I’ve told him that it’s probably time to consider a couple of new pairs; many of the existing ones now have multiple patches on the seat, and once they start giving out, there’s only so much you can do to resurrect them. The legs will make useful future patches.

Right, that’s my mending basket empty.

That’s better.

Mend it Monday #5

An idea devised by The Snail of Happiness

Another shopping bag has succumbed to wear and tear. One of the handles has stretched and torn beyond repair, and the one on the other side is heading the same way.

Time for new handles.

I bought this fabric in the John Lewis department store in London in the 1990s, to make a roman blind for the bathroom in my flat. I dearly loved the colours and the rich, nubbly texture, and I was happy about 10 years later to make myself a simple shoulder bag from the same stuff (I’d bought lots, the end of a bolt). I still hadn’t finished it up by the time I emigrated to Australia, and it came with me. The offcut from the earlier blind project was just right for making bag handles. It’s not the neatest job ever, but it works.

And do you know what?  I still have some left!

That’s better.

Mend it Monday #3

An idea devised by The Snail of Happiness

And another one. This one isn’t at all complicated and the effect is pretty much invisible, but it has done the job.I noticed when I was picking up the groceries today that two of my shopping bags were starting to fall apart. The handle was coming off one, and the lining was peeling away from the inside on the other.

They’re not expensive or even particularly robust, but the rest of the bag is in decent condition, so I’m not prepared to replace them if I can fix them.

It was simply a matter of putting the right thread in the sewing machine and setting the stitch to zigzag.

And no, I didn’t bother to change the thread for mending the second bag. Good for another couple of years, I think.

That’s better.

Mend it Monday #2

An idea devised by The Snail of Happiness

My word, mends on two Mondays running! I must be getting organised, or something.

That’s my hand you’re seeing through the shredded fabric

I like good bed linen. High thread count, but soft. I’ve had one of my sets for 15 years, a 1000 thread count damask stripe sateen cotton, and it’s still lovely, no pilling, but it is wearing rather thin. The pillowcases especially have become fragile, and I now have two that need repairing. I patched a pillowcase from another set in Pima cotton a while ago, and it lasted a short while, but then the fabric around the patch gave way. Now another one has gone; it emerged from the washing machine torn from side to side.

Damask stripe on the front, plain Pima back.

Well, if you have two pillowcases, each with one torn side, what would you do? Yup, turn them into one pillowcase with two good sides, and from what’s left, make patching material for future repairs. So now I have a single pillowcase with a damask stripe sateen front and a plain Pima back. It feels lovely!

… and the pillow still fits. Result!

That’s better.