Sea Glass #5: time for a border

Well, the middle’s filled.


Is it just my eyes, or is this photo ever so slightly out of focus? And how does that happen with a self-focusing camera? Still, you get the idea.

There was an episode of sleeplessness after I’d seen the Husband off to work at 3.30am the other morning, and rather than thrash around in bed getting grumpy at my failure to nod off again, I got up and starting cutting. Much more constructive, I think you’ll agree! I like the opalescent effect of the greens, teals and aquas combined with the lilacs and purples. It’s a pity I can’t seem to take a photo that represents the colours more accurately, but that’ll have to wait till the thing’s finished and I can hang it on the washing line in daylight. It’s so much nicer in real life; in the photos, the colours have flattened quite a bit and the lilacs all look much too heavy.

I want an 8 inch wide border to surround everything, and I’m thinking it’ll be something straightforward. Either whole fabric, or simple squares. I need to look at the quilt a bit longer and wait for it to tell me what it wants; I can’t ‘see’ the answer yet. I’m happy with where it’s at now, and I don’t want to mess it up by rushing into making something I’ll regret later.

sea-glass-cushion-panelsThe orphan block has moved along, and I now have the cushion front and back panels cut and pieced. I’ll put in a concealed zipper when I assemble it after quilting the front. Sadly, I don’t have enough fabric to make the pattern line up above and below the zipper, but I’m forgiving myself that particular omission so long as the zipper doesn’t show and the covering flap lies flat and straight.

Of course, I could play with my new 60° ruler and make big triangles for the border… What do you think?

Sea Glass #4, and a bit of TWX

I’m slowly filling the gap.

The one between the centre panel and the large outer basketweave panels, that is. My earlier thought was to use colour alternating with white, but I tested it and it had a fairly blah effect, sort of utilitarian kitchen floor-tile. Not what I was after. I’ve made 4 corner-post blocks using the majority of the leftover jelly roll strips, and I’m pleased with those. Sorry about the gloomy lighting, but it’s very dark and overcast today, despite the heat.


That orphan block off to the side is going to be part of a cushion cover, a sort of ‘place-holder’ till the quilt is finished 🙂

Now I have to work out how to fill the two square panels on each side that are empty. I think I’m going to switch things round a bit and use a variety of lilacs, interspersed with a pale trellis fabric in blue, white and teal. The pale fabric will stop the lilacs being overpowering, and the lilacs will add intensity and a bit of calm for the eye compared with the pattern. A bit of cutting to do still, and I have to check and trim the lilac jelly roll strips – isn’t it annoying that strips you buy on a roll which are supposed to be 2½ inches wide almost never are? If you don’t bother, the seams will never line up, so it’s worth the tedium of fixing them.

And  now for something different (if rather similarly coloured…). I’ve received three more TWX blocks, two from Kate at Manic Mumdays, which I mentioned before but didn’t show, and another from the lovely Tracy at It’s a t-sweets day. Check out these pretties!

kate-b-twx1 kateb-twx2 tracy-p-twx

The Car Quilt

Perhaps I’m being a bit previous here, but I did a good bit of hand sewing in the car on the way down, and that packet of pre-cut hexagon papers is coming in handy….

Since we spend quite a lot of time in the car, it seems likely I’ll be continuing to assemble my hexagons while I’m in the passenger seat.  I had a jelly roll, and some matching fat quarters of fabric.  The jelly roll has been cut into 2.5″ squares and stacked in a small box.  Thread, scissors, needle case and papers go into another box, and as the kilometres roll by, I crank out the basted hexagons until I’ve made six of each fabric colour/print, plus a centre.  Once the sewing kit box is full, I start to assemble the flowers.

Look what I did! Just three of the 10 flowers I made on the drive down from Mackay. At this rate I'll be out of hexie papers before I get home..

Look what I did! Just three of the 10 flowers
I made on the drive down from Mackay.
At this rate I’ll be out of hexie papers
before I get home..

And then it all starts again.  I can talk, listen to music, chat on the phone and look at the countryside as I sew, so it’s a good use of time. And maybe the Car Quilt will truly end up being the Car Quilt, having a permanent home on the back seat. Or maybe it’ll be too nice to leave there.  We’ll have to wait and see.  The colours are very pretty; rich dark blues, greens and reds, gold flecks and swirls, olives and azures.  Sort of Islamic art meets Chinese textiles.  Hmm. Put like that it doesn’t sound so flash, but it’s pretty.  I’ve only got enough jelly roll for the central section, so it’s going to be a medallion quilt, using the fat quarters for the outer borders.  I’ve got some dark blue on navy print fat quarters to make some sashing in there somewhere.  I don’t really have a formed idea of how it’s going to be, but it will reveal itself to me as it grows.

Short post today. I have a technical problem with photos and my laptop, so the post I wanted to put up is going to have to wait till I can sort that out.  Basically, on my desktop computer – or my sister’s, which I’m using now – I can upload images without trouble, but my lappie keeps telling me the file is empty.  I shall have to see what Support suggests…

So, that’s your lot for today.  More tomorrow, probably.